Thursday, 8 December 2011

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Chomsky Development

Noam Chomsky Manufacturing Consent

Noam Chomsky writes many articles, books and arguments. One of them I’m focusing on is manufacturing consent. Chomsky stated that the title manufacturing consent was borrowed by Walter Lippmann. Which Lippmann described it as the “revolution of the practise of democracy.” And he said it is necessary because the common interests were being largely eluded by the public’s opinion. Furthermore Lippmann believed that the public just isn’t up for it. 

Later on this was expressed by the highly respected theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, who believed that rationality belongs to the cruel observer and because of what he, claimed the “stupidity of the average man” he believes faith, and this naive faith requires necessary illusion and create emotionally potent oversimplification.

Chomsky believes that in a militarily state or a feudal state, it doesn’t matter what people think because you have got a bludgeon over there head so you can control what they do, but when the state loses its bludgeon and you can’t control people by the force and yet the voice of the people can be heard. It will then go onto cause a problem because people will be so curious and arrogant; they will have the humility to submit a civil war. Chomsky believed the way to get round this is manufacturing consent (propaganda) also known as necessary illusions.  

Chomsky believed that manufacturing consent is the primary function of the mass media in the United States to mobilize public support the special interests which dominate the government and the private sector. Chomsky went on to say that the way any society works, the first place to look would be whose in the position to make the decisions, which determine the way the society functions. He believes things can happen in hours which will change the way society looks at a situation, for example decisions over investment, production and distribution which is lead by an extremely concentrated network of major corporations.

This is reliable argument because it has been looked at and developed many times by different philosophers and theologians. Also Chomsky’s argument that everything is lead by a extremely concentrated network cooperation is proved, because as Mr Saunders states every lesson every public decision is made by Rupert Murdoch the leader of most successful media companies. Furthermore every Election for Priminister/President is won by Rupert Murdoch because for 20 years every one he wanted to win has succeeded.

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