Monday, 23 January 2012

This picture is extremely specific to the role of Eric Cantona in the life of Eric Bishop and how his life turns around because of Cantona. The title is "Looking for Eric" and the background of the picture. There is many posters of Manchester United teams and players but in the center of the picture there is a poster of the noble Cantona. which shows Bishop looks up to Cantona as a hero, this is why in the picture Bishop is looking up to Eric as he is nothing short of a king. This is why his life changes because Bishop listens to Cantona's words as if they were spoken from someone of the heavens. Behind Cantonas hardworking attitude he is also a clever man labbeled "philisophical" in the film. which provides hope for Bishop shown by the lighting in Cantona's face, with Bishops eyes peeled towards him showing concentration towards Cantona's words. the reason the producers and editors have set out the picture like this to show that Eric is the dominant person in this film, but not abusing the power by showing respect towards Bishop, shown through the use of the eyes, although Bishops eyes are looking up towards Cantona as God like. Cantona doesn't look down he, looks straight at him showing focus and respect back showing interest in Bishop's life. Also the use of mise en scene shows that although Cantona is a cult hero, he is an everyday man with feelings and life as well, he is not God like he is just a man. By the use of Clothing, jeans with a plain jacket.

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