Sunday, 29 January 2012

Get what you want? Or want what you get

This theory is a brain teaser. You can look at it from different aspects, are you getting what you are demanding from the institution or being delusional believing that the institution are developing on which you demanded. Either way the institution succeed, because the public are going to see the film regardless because they have there own idea of how the films going to plan out. My interpretation of this theory is that the institution delude the public with mega stars and advertisement such as film trailers and merchandise so the public want what they get. The only way possible that the theory could be interpreted differently, is if there is a sequal and the institution have run out of ideas, the institution look into detail of there way of planning out the film then elaborate it furthermore and twists to remain in power.     

This theory for me is one where institutions have to remain clever and delude the public, but must retain power otherwise the institutions will not remain in full control. Institutions could use this to advantage, especially big institutions who have a major hit film from past success, Universal productions had success of the film Shaun of the dead then furthermore used this to an advantage by producing another spoof film containing two of the main characters from their former film and deluding the public with them believing its already going to be a good film. This film did not disappoint then later on in 2011 produced another comedy Paul which was an international phenomenon.

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