Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Preliminary Task

Boy- Ben

Camera angles, Shots and composition

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/kOj0qiTMAkI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We done several Shots to show that we have variety and to get different aspects of the characters emotion, for instance we done a close up to show that Ben is uncomfortable by the nervousness on Ben's face. We also done a point of view shot to show Ben is looking down, which shows that Ben is not confident approaching the agreement. The 180 degrees symbolizes no male dominance because Ben and Aimee are parallel neither looking up at the other, neither one looking down at the other. And the shot reverse shot shows both are focusing, but the power is in Aimee's hands because she possess's the prop (stapler) that Ben wishes to have, whereas Ben doesn't have the money that Aimee requires. We used a match on shot where Ben was approaching the door then as he went to open the door the shot changed from the static back of him to the front of him.


The editing stage we used Final cut pro, to edit the several videos we recorded on our blogger. Final cut pro allows you to create a sequence of videos to make one video. We used the cutter on the final cut pro to shorten some of the clips so they link on towards the next clip to make the video continual but bot contradictory. For instance the start where Ben approaches the door then goes to grab the door, then as he touches the door the Shot changes from the static camera off the back of Ben to the static camera on the front of Ben opening then walking through the door. We also had to cut the shot reverse shot of Ben and Aimee's agreement on the table because the clip was recorded too long to consume the affect of the shot reverse shot, which should be short and snappy.


There was not much dialogue because the sound quality is not reliable at all times, we tried using some where we contained some dialogue but you can only apply the clips where the dialogue is close up because the quality is very clear when is up close whereas the dialogue is very unclear when you are not near the camera and we wanted the sound levels to be consistent. We had digetic sounds to make up for the lack of dialogue for instance when Ben smacks the table it is loud and clear. The reasoning for no non digetic sounds is because it is only a short clip and we need to be in the scene the whole time.

Mise en scene

There was the contrast in clothing between Ben and Aimee, Aimee wearing a dress and smartly dressed colour coordinated, whereas Ben is dressed in suit trousers with a brown jacket and a pink shirt looking like he just woke up. The clothing is very basic on both to represent the video itself is basic, silly and has no meaning. The lighting is natural to show everything we consumed was in that room very basic but reliable. The lighting also represented that there was no dominance in the setting because the lighting was equal on both of there faces. The only prop was on show, although the stapler was talked bout yet it was jut sitting on the side of Aimee was not touched.

Transitions: We used no transitions, because transitions usually imply that time is passing but our preliminary was over a short period of time.

What happens in the opening? Its just a comical debate about a stapler, there is not much else to it which is shown by the lack of shots and sounds involved. It does introduce both the characters and the personalities of both being childish, debating over a stapler.

I don't think it is effective because it does not have a proper story line to connect to the auidence, so after viewing this short clip a minority would consider watching the rest of the film. It did not leave a specific possible plot as the clip did not leave a specific theme which occurred throughout the film.

We edited together through the use of 5 different shots on Final cut Pro, they issues we faced where that some of the clips did not match the following clip so what we did was edit some clips by cutting part of the clip so it matched the next clip.

We did use lighting, that being the natural light through the window but also the light from the light bulb in the room. So no problems arose as there was a sufficient amount of light available for us.

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