Monday, 27 February 2012

The auidence thinking "you idiot"

Why did the lady take a shower, after walking lonely across the street. Instead of reporting it or gaining protection by consuming in a place where you will be safer. Then the Victim leads herself into the Villains hand's to make his life easier.

Whenever i have viewed a horror there is always a scene where the victim paths their way in to the Villains hands. I call this "you idiot" factor (technical terminology i know). But in almost every horror the victim is always shown a bright light what they ignore for example they take the stairs in stead of walking out the door or ringing the police. To present their self to the Villain, making the Villains job extremely easier than it initially would have been.

Also significantly the character who is always taken up the "you idiot factor" is always a girl. I don't know why but in horrors, women are always portrayed Vulnerable to death and always have that chance to break away but never take the opportunity. We are applying this to our film as we have a girl character "Aimee" who we are going to make her consume the "you idiot" factor where the auidence feel they should intervene and tell her ("excuse me you're making the wrong decision"). The way we are going to consume that factor is by the Killer approaching "Aimee" rather slowly so it gives Aimee the time to run and give herself the chance of escape. But as usual "Aimee" maintains the role of women in horrors by cornering herself to the Villain into a large tree.

Also in this clip the lady is isolated, which promotes why she does not stand a chance. We also apply this in our film as we Get Aimee and Ben (me) to disintegrate so that the characters become significantly more vulnerable to the situation. By doing this, it gives the characters even less of hope of escaping.

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