Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Camera Broke

Unfortunately our camera broke, so our filming and editing stage is delayed for a couple of days till we get a new bloggie. Whilst we currently have time to anaylse our initial method of our film, we decided to recreate the method. we created a new script, but as the dialougue is not very clear we are going to go on garage band to voice over the dialogue so it is substantially clearer and we can edit the voicwe of the killer with the editing available to us.

Also we gained time to start thinking about the possible additions to our film, we decided that for the killer to gain a sinister look we decided for the killer to contain a mask and a big knife. But obvoiusly we need to get a fake knife as we could get arrested for holding a dangerous weapon. Aimee is going to create a wound on the neck of the character who die, with make up.

1 comment:

  1. But you coped admirably with the set back. I can't find anywhere in the mark scheme where managing to drown a camera but not letting it phase you gets credit specifically but think it probably can count as evidence towards your time management as you have, in another post, mentioned the need for a massive re-shoot so, considering that, you had to pull together to sort it. So, in the end, a little bit of a positive!