Monday, 6 February 2012

Institution power

Institution power Vs Audience Power

Audience power is a theory that the institution rely on the audience's demands, therefore the audience can manipulate the institution into making the film based on what the audience would like to happen e.g plot main actors. 

Opposing to the theory of institution power, laying on the fact that the Institution delude the public into wanting which they get. This gives the institution a huge advantage because after success it easier to retain the success through the use of the same genres, actors and producer because you already have the backing of the public in a certain criteria.

I have been following a case study on the British film the Inbetweeners. Although many will interpret the film to be followed on the auidence demands, through the several demands of making a film after their 3rd series on Channel 4. But in fact the institution remained with all the power because the huge success they gained through their 3 series they had a huge backing of the public, they would be able to delude the public through the continuous exaggeration of the four main characters which will carry out exquisite amounts of humour to the demanding public.

           <From this to this>

The institution continued to exaggerate the characters personalities from the series to the film

Simon: The lover boy, seen at the start of the film crying after the breakup. continuously weird in love around Karlie.

Neil: carried on his non intelligent behavior to provide humor for the auidence, his impressive dancing skills continued in the night clubs followed by his idiotic statements "God backwards spells dog".

Will:  The smart teenager who lack streetwise skills, carries on his lack of skills in front of girls in defining moments which provide laughter for the auidence.

Jay: opening scene shows the institution followed his explicit sexual behavior with his repetitive lies.

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