Monday, 27 February 2012

Tension rolling through the use of imagery

As well as actions we need to create tension and suspense through the use of imagery. By illustrating a pattern of setting it symbolizes a routine, that the Villain frequently performs these action and he times them perfectly so he can carry on killing the vulnerable. The illustration paints suspense towards the auidence because the edginess performed by the auidence is contained mostly when the setting is Dark because it makes it more realistic, also the illusion that every dark woods consumes a villain.

Also the pattern of setting represents the path to the woods and how it starts of a pleasant idea and then from there the characters regret the path they toke, then start questioning whether it safe.

This is a perfect example of setting creating suspense because as you can see the characters are continuously under psychological pressure. They cannot maintain mental strength and crumble under pressure so therefore they are vulnerable. We can apply this to the last part of our opening clip to our film because it represents the routine of the villain, which gives our film the ability for it to carry on. This also gives the auidence the thriller factor that it starts pleasant then goes on to get more scary then by the end of the scene you will be on the edge of your seat which links to the classical literature convention of tragedy that possibility becomes probable then becomes inevitable (i know this has no relevance but it fits in really well.)

We will start with this "dusk" imagery as it is not to pleasant but yet not spooky. This gives the chance to introduce the characters properly because you we gain better effects in the light as our camera is not the greatest (well at the moment mine is broken). This represents the possibility of the murder.

From this we are going to spook the possibility to probability

This is where the characters start to reconsider if going through the woods was a good idea, but yet the dim light signifies hope. This is why there is hope because the imagery still contains some source of light which makes the auidence try and guess the outcome. Then as the characters become satisfied the imagery has become more sinister to create the tension.

Finally the inevitable appears when the characters cannot see nothing, they become vulnerable and stupidly the characters split into pieces and disintegrate for there own safety but ironically become more present and vulnerable for the villain. Whilst the scenery it is easier to promote a murder because the auidence cannot see the escape for the victim so the auidence loose that light (the sense of hope), then finally the villain strikes.

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