Monday, 27 February 2012

Victim being Vulnerable

Whilst continuously researching horrors. The main factor which creates tension is that the victim is always vulnerable in the woods. It promotes irony because although the woods is significantly large, the woods is a product to the Villain, the woods being their lair and they bring the mentally weak to their lair and wait for them to be at most weak psychologically till they are ready to attack as the victim contains no hope of escape.

This clip is perfect for example

through the use if non diegetic sounds, you can hear the fear the character contains. Mixing the non diegetic sound with a sinister track it creates suspense as the sounds you the auidence can hear in the background make the Villain's actions to be inevitable. This is also reflected through the track in the back as it is sinister in contains the gut feeling that something is going to go wrong.

For our film, this clip has given me ideas that to only consume dialogue whilst the camera is in a close up shot as with our camera you cannot get the effect of dialogue to promote sinister events. so we can do this by finding a spooky soundtrack or voicing over our own non diegetic sounds over the film so that we consume the tension provided in this clip. we could do heavy breathing to make the victim seem mentally weak.

Also we can apply this clip in several ways to our film as, we are also in the woods so whilst in the woods we need to make the victim stand no hope of escaping. We are also going to make the villain brimming with confidence like the Villain in this clip. That will represent our Villain in a more sinister way and portray to the auidence that our villain performs these murders frequently because his calmness, to show that he is certain with the outcome and he knows when the victim is vulnerable so he knows when to strike.

Also to gain the Villain persona we need to display our Villain like the Villain is in this film, patient. patience is the Villains main feature because he does not rush into the attack he awaits till the Victim is under severe pressure, then allows the victim time to run. But the Villain knows the place where the Victim will arise as he has been in this situation many a times.

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