Saturday, 31 March 2012

Inbetweeners convergence and synergy

Appleby newest

We have just made a few changes from the latest video up till know. We reviewed our film and decided that we need to edit our film with some effects. So we looked on Final cut pro with the several video transitions and filters which we are freely available to use. After a couple of hours we went over most of the video transitions, but they were not really effective as the only effect we gained by using them was that, time was passing. So then we looked over the video filters to gain an advantage. We overlooked several and applied them to different scenes of the film to see if they were effective. Then we found a video filter called "Sharpen" and it worked to great effect on one of the shots, but for us to apply this effect we would have needed to use this effect on all of the shots. So we tried out this effect and unfortunately after 20 minutes of rendering the effect was not effective with all the shots. So then we had to get rid of that effect.

Then i asked a fellow classmate what effects did their group "cats in space" use, as they also are doing a horror film as the theme. So they showed me their impressive film and they used several shots, the most impressive ones for me was "Bad TV" and "Bad Film", as it created tension because the "Bad TV/Film" highlighted the inevitability that there was something going to go wrong. Then i found a shot in our film where my character was lying dead on the floor and we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try out the two effects, then when we reviewed which one was more significant to our film. As a group we came to a conclusion that the best effect was the "Bad film" as it highlighted the image betting than "Bad TV". So we applied the "Bad Film" effect to our film where my character was laying on the floor.

We also used the same effect on the opening of the film on the "Applebystreet" road sign, which worked perfectly because one of our roo,s for improvements was to make the clip of the "Applebystreet" road sighn to be still as initially it was to much of a moving clip for the opening of our film, but the use of this effect allows us to keep the clip as the effect makes it look like we wanted the image to move around. So we applied the "Bad Film" effect to our film and then we tinted with an effect to darken the image so it made the sign look more sinister.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Questions for our Opening Film

1. What is our films theme?

As a film we decided that our theme would be Horror, as teenagers and from our peers we know that the most popular films for teenagers are either comedies or horrors. As we thought it would be to hard to create a comedy, we thought we could gain a more consistent film through horrors because they do not have to be to original as there are several horrors which contain characters of our age. So we done our research and found what we could include such as mise en scene and lighting with the main results being masks and torches which we also applied in our film. Also there is a local field/woods which we saw to be a great setting for our main plot. It also seemed to be an exciting challenge for our group because we have one boy character and one girl which we saw as an opportunity to create a horror because in every horror you need a vulnerable girl and a horrid man/boy.

2. What are the mood progressions?

Through our research we saw that films mood never started sinister they took away to introduce the sinister side to the film, whats called tension rolling which we applied to our film because at the start of the film where Ben and Aimee meet they in some extent high spirits but they are certainly not worried at the moment in time. But then as the film progresses the emotions become more revealing for example the shot reverse shot of the alley the two characters faces symbolizes the slight anxiety they are consuming. Then finally they get more anxious and the tension continues to rise for example when Aimee confronts the killer you can see the scared look upon her face. Also in our research what we saw to be effective is pathetic phallacy, that the weather reveals the mood of the characters/film. We applied this to our film because the start of the film it is reasonably sunny outside and then it gets dimmer with the moods get more anxious then finally when Ben dies it is pitch black to show an end of his night metaphorically speaking.

3.What location should each sequence have?

It starts at the top of the hill then the journey will begin to the alleay were the anxiety starts and then they will go through one alley leading on to another alley. Then they will come out the second alley then approach the field as it is said to be a shortcut. Then finally they end their journey in the darken woods.

4.What statement should each location make towards the film premise?

First of all we are meeting at the top of the hill, because it represents the mood at the time because it is just a journey and there is no reason for anxiety or tension. But then we are continuously on the move to portray that time is passing, so they then next approach an Alley way. Then this portrays a sinister look to represent the theme of horror. So all the scenes have huge significance for the film, they all convey the emotions to the auidence. Also the represent the bad decisions bad by the characters which occur in most horrors for example in ours they go down an alley instead of the streets then they depart in are darken woods which only deems a negative outcome, and represents that this field is where the killers murders occur and that it will be a main location throughout the rest of the film so would be key to introduce the most important location in the opening minutes. Also the main plot has to be carried out in the woods as it is the best possible venue which we could freely use in our film to represent the theme of horror.

5.How should each set be lit?

First of all the lighting is quite bright because we applied the effect of pathetic phallacy, so that the setting was sinister at the beginning to show a journey and how the journey continues to get severely more uncomfortable. Then the journey to the alley gets slightly dimmer. Then when we reach the alley the lighting gets considerably darker so thus is why we introduce a torch by picking it up on the way, for two reasons one to make it more realistic because if you cannot see we wouldn't know where we was going, but also to gain a better effect of the characters emotions by revealing the anxiousness on their faces. Then finally at the end of the film it is significantly dark, which works very well with the clip of the wound on my characters neck because the definition of the wound is a lot more revealing when it has a bright light on it.

6.What kind of belongings do the characters keep around them?

From our research we decided that to consume the props which were most popular, for example we used a mask and a knife, following the footsteps of the film "Halloween" as the character "Mike Myers" uses these props. But also The characters find a torch on the way of their journey so we can gain a better picture in the dark of the characters as the bloggie does not gain a great picture in the dark.

7.What do the characters wear?

The character of the villain wears a mask and a jacket with a hood, so it does not reveal his face as then the auidence would see that i am the villain and my initial character. But also to portray a sinister image of the villain because every Villain needs to look severely sinister otherwise it does not carry out the theme what we are trying to reveal. Ben wheres normal teenage clothes in a jacket and chinos so the target auidence can connect with the character as that is what you would usually associate with an average day teenager. Aimee is wearing a jacket and jogging bottom which are half covered up by Hunter wellies, which also you would usually accociate with an average girl teenager. The reason why we have revealed Ben and Aimee like that is so t reflects our target auidence which will make them interested with our film.

Appleby latest update

We have made a few changes from the video i just put up on the blog, for example we introduce "Sphinx studios" followed by "Kwirk Productions" which we edited on power point to create a background for our companies name to make it more sinister and exciting which links to our film. We also introduced the main roles in the opening 3 minutes for example "Starring Ben" and "Aimee" with the Directed by "Aimee", produced by "Jacob", Edited by "Ben" and director of Photography "Jacob Brown" so that we have all been allocated 2 roles each to show the equality of the film. Also when we introduced the last four set of roles we picked a sinister woods to keep the horror theme occurring. The only problem is that the image was still so that it didn't look realistic and didn't fit in with the rest of the movement in the film,so what we have considered is to see if we could film a clip of the woods with movement to make it more tension building.

Appleby development

This is what we have initially had before we made changes to updated video we've got so far. There is many improvements from the last video we published but also there were several changes we needed to make and continuing to make. We have not yet put in the titles or the production and studio names. But the most significant problem is the sound differentiation because there is clearer vocals than others and we need to try and gain consistency.

feedback would be lovely.

What stage we are currently at

So far what we have achieved is, that we have got the basics of what we needed to film, other than in the middle scene where we got time differences not matching which is a continuity error. So we are going to refilm the middle section so it fits in with the initial footage. Also we need to refilm most of the clips justbecause the sound levels are to loud and if we make the sound levers higher, then all you can here is the wind which is out of time with the wind of which we picked up of Garage Band.

We have decided to change the film ending slightly because the initial script we aplied to our film didn't create a good ending, so what we are going to do is re film the ending and end the clip with a confrontation between Aimee and the Killer as creates tension and would reveal the Killer in the opening 3minutes ofour film.

Also at at the ending of the editing stage we are currently on, we revealed who was the editor, producer, director and director of photography on a fine picture of a sinister woods. But from our feedback we gained it looked to much liuke credits becauser the image was to still. So we have got two option we are either going to play with the video filters on Garage Band and try to see if we can make the image less solid. Or we are going to go to some woods when it is reasonabily dark and film the woods so it looks more realistic.

We have had some feedback which we are going to consider, the first being that throughout the opening 2 minutes, we only apply non digetic sounds in our film. Then we go straight into the piano song which reveals the emotions off the characters. So we have considered that wemay need to introduce the scene with more digetic sounds. Especially at the start when we introduce Kwirk Productions and Sphinx Studios because our target auidence is for 15s and over and they need to be interested so a dul introduction will not make our film appealing. So we have made a short vocal soundtrack of "Kwirk Productions" followed by an evil laugh which was edited on Garage Band with the effect of male deeper vocals. But also we are currently still trying to find a sufficient soundtrack for the opening 2 minutes of the film, but we are only going to do so if neccessary, because if the sound does not match the video it will not be no use as it will not gain the effect of the characters emotions for example applying an upbeat rock soundtrack for a long depressing walk would only be comical because we have not gained a thriller effect.

The reaction shots, for exampledown the alley need to be sharper because when someoneis scared the react anxiuosly,not slowly and my character des not reveal the true emotions. whereas with Aimee it's not as bad as we have covered it up with an emotional soundtrack which reveals her emotions and the fact that she says "Ben, Ben" rather fastly shows that she is worried. So we are going to refilm the intense scenes to try and gain a more anxious reaction so that it reflects tension. Reasction shots will also allow us to consume different and more of a variety of shots because we could create sharp shots like shot reverse shot etc.

Monday, 19 March 2012

What we've got so far

What I have done here is edited with the resources available so far, I played around with Garage band to give various backing sounds to keep the auidence interested in the film, but i got some reviews back of the film. Harry said that "the piano sound where I am laying on the floor is the most effective and should think about using that throughout." whereas Steve liked the "up beat sound when Aimee is running" as i have gained two opposing responses i am going to go Final cut pro and test the piano sound throughout and see if we think its better with that or how it is at the moment.

Also as you can see their is an obvious difference in lighting down the alley and also a continuity error where the torch is down the alley with the light on whereas the clip just before it didn't consume a torch. So we have left a message in between the two clips and next time we are going to go out and film we are going to go over the scene before hand so it matches the second half of the film because we feel that is more significant towards our film than the first part.

Also the people who viewed our film mostly enjoyed it but all said that the ending wasn't that great, because it is not very clear what is going on. So i have came up with two possible solutions: 1. Being that we could bring more torches when we next film and get some volunteers to shine the torch on the two characters and the scenery so it is clear what is going on and where. Or the other solution being that as we have a substantial amount of clips we can shorten the video so that we see a glimpse of the killer confronting Aimee then start of our film ending because it would also give the ability for the film to carry on because in the rest of the film various story lines could lead on from that for example, Aimee escaping, The villain killing her or someone seeing intervening.

Also the people who viewed the film said that the sound needs to be more consistent because as we have not got a high quality camera there is some points in the film where the sound does not match the following scene the loudness is severely different. So this could also be something that i could look at because responding to comments from the target auidence will benefit us because if we give them what they want to consume in our film they will be pleased. But i need to gain a more of an average answer because i have consumed a biased view on the film, so i need to ask more people then also when i have made changes to the film i will need to ask them if the changes are improvements because once they have seen there ideas in place they might like the initial video rather than there idea.

Also when we the villain and Aimee first confront each other we need to make it more intense because it doesn't look so surreal. We need to make it more sinister so that we convey the theme which we are basing our film on. We also need to make the clip longer because the brief clip provided of the first confrontation does not reveal Aimee's emotions or the darkness of the Villain.

Appleby development, responses please!!!

To This

As you can see we made some very vague changes, have changed the loudness of the sound in certain parts of the film and the sounds tracks. We have done this because our initial video was shown and the responses of the target auidence where 'to change the sound and also' to add a backing track. Because the wind only offers 1 musical interpretation to the film whereas the backing track will interpret the intensity which we want our film to consume. In every successful horror there is high levels of intensity because the music makes the viewer become at it's most scared. So if there is no intensity the horror is taken away so we thought that by adding music we will create suspense and tension.

How I done this is using Garage Band, because this allows you to gain free soundtracks and interpret them in your own way with special effects. we interpreted our soundtrack with Male basic because we want our soundtrack to be masculine, as you would normally associate masculinity with a horror. whereas if we edited our film with female basic it would be more delicate and fragile and we would not gain the effect of a horror.
We added a soundtrack with birds tweeting when at the first meeting because it portrays her character early on that she is not dependent on her own because she takes her time and is not decisive. Which we use to an advantage because when my character and Aimee split up we see the inevitability that she will die because she will not be able to run away because she does everything in slow motion. We also done this to keep the auidence interested, because in many horror films there are glimpses of comedy especially early on in the film because it keeps the viewer interested and is a friendly way to introduce the character, this also allows mood progression to be applied, at first the characters were not friendly and then later on they become vulnerable.

We then added a Dark soundtrack under the category of piano to take place, whilst we see my character on the floor because it reveals the emotions of the characters and saddens the auidence which normally occurs in every horror. We see that Aimee is said because she has just lost a friend and also that she knows that she is vulnerable to death because she is lonely in a dark field next to a victim who has just died so the killer cannot be far away. So the effect which we gain from this soundtrack is that the auidence will feel sorry for Aimee, as she is in the opening two minutes throughout we want at lest one of the main characters to be connected to the auidence because in every film their needs to be a favorite character or a good character, which relates to Aristotles conventions who states the protagonist must be more noble than evil.

The next piece of music involved shows that the scene is upbeat, and reflecting the tension through Aimee's heartbeat because the music is loud and rapid to show she is scared. The response i gained was that it fits in perfectly with the clip but not with the genre. Which i will need to review and analyse because This scene is meant to be significant to the film and genre, which means i may need to replace it with a more suspenseful sound, or i could interpret this soundtrack with deeper vocals.

The last piece of music is relevant but not useful because it does not sound realistic and the review i got on this is that it does not create suspense which i hoped it would gain. So therefore i am defiantly going to replace the sound either with a different piece or just no backing sound at all.

Respond please!!!!

These are a few print screens of feedback i have received:

Appelby developing

This is just a brief video to show what we had and how we needed to change it. We got several responses with an average answer being that it has the right intention for a good horror but there needs to e several finishing touches for it to be deemed scary.

For example we need to re film certain clips with more lighting and more sound. But also to edit with more backing sounds to make it more interesting.

From the survey i offered i gained some helpful results, 1 which i am going to act on soon as possible that we need some backing music which i also agree with. Because the film is good but it is 1 dimensional we need ranges of emotions sounds and lighting for it be exciting for the auidence. With the limited resources we have it is going to be hard to find a significant soundtrack for our film but fortunately we have the opportunity to use freely use Garage Band which allows to have basic sounds in our film without permission, so i am going to play about with Garage Band then see if i can fit some of there sound in our film.

The make up for our the wound

We done this so that you the auidence could see how we developed the wound on my neck in the passage of the film where my character is laying there dead on the floor. It also gives the auidence an insight of the limited resources contain.

Appleby villains accessories

The accessories for the villain

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I am an official plonker

All week i forget to bring my memory stick to school so i can export my Appleby street draft to the memory stick then convert on to the blog via you tube. Then the day i bring it in to school i forget to bring it home.

So Monday i am going to bring in a spare memory stick in case i cant find mine at school, then i will have at least 3 videos up on my blog for you to look at it.

In the time being i am just going to do some more research for my film, because i have finished editing for the time being i am going to research how to improve my film based on other horrors and other films from institutions with low funding to see how they made the best out of there money and facilities to gain the best effect.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Appelby street survey results (boys)

1. Would you like there to be blood involved?

2. Would you prefer the film to be carried out in light, dark or contain both?

3. Would you like backing track in the movie?

4. What would you like the villain to wear in the movie?

5. Do you reckon there should be a lot of dialogue involved?

6. In our opening 2-3 minutes would you like their to be any survivors?

7. Shall we name the Villain?

8. How often do you see horrors?

I gathered results from 7 boys to give our group an overview of how our target auidence want our film to gain. Also to see if the process of the film we are currently on meets their needs.

Here are the 7 results:

Thanks to these results i have gained an insight into the crowds perspective on horrors. But 7 people i asked were all boys, which will explain the answers for example "no survivors" and want to consume "blood" during our film. In most horrors or action films there is always male references in the film for example fighting/killing which we contain in our film at the minute when i shove the knife at Aimee and go to kill her, but also when i contain a wound on my neck with blood (ketchup) on my neck what gives the film an gory approach which will keep male audiences interested in the opening 2-3 minutes.

Here is a an average for each question results:

Would you like there to be blood involved?

Yes 7

No 0

Don’t mind 0

Would you prefer the film to be carried out in light, dark or both?

Dark 3

Light 0

Both 4

Would you like backing track in the movie?

Yes 5

No 2

Don’t mind 0

What would you like the villain to wear in the movie?

Don’t mind 2

Mask 3

Other Mask with a knife
• Dark clothes with a cape

Do you reckon there should be a lot of dialogue involved?

Yes 5

No 2

Don’t mind 0

In our opening 2-3 minutes would you like there to be any survivors?

Yes 2

No 5

Shall we name the villain?

No 5

Yes 2

Don’t mind 0

How often do you see horrors?

Often 4

Rarely 3

Never 0

Each result gave us a idea if our film is relevant to the requirements of our target auidence or in fact we need to improve our film to match their requirements.

Question 1: All 7 boys answered with yes, fortunately we have a seen where there is a wound on my neck with fake blood. But as this is a quite significant requirement we might need to redo the scene so the auidence can gain more of a glimpse of the wound to show how substantial the wound was.

Question 2: This made us change our scene partly as was focusing on Dark and light but as they want both we are going to contain interval lighting to show the process of the light changing to raise tension and as the answer which was superior to the others was the light to be both.

Question 3: As most of the auidence answered that the film will need a backing track, we will need to add a soundtrack in the background to keep the auidence interested, which i will do in the editing stage to make sure the consistency of the sound matching the image in the video.

Question 4: We gained a diverse answer, but most containing a mask, which was in our initial list of props in the first place.

Question 5: As we surprisingly gained a different perspective of the auidence of what we initially we fort they required. So we are going to create a new script with adding more dialogue which will also mean we will need to create more filming so that our film matches the requirements of the public.

Question 6: Of course boys wouldn't like there to be any survivors which was backed up by my survey, so we are going to recreate the ending so that i definitely die and depending on the results of the girls to see if Aimee should survive as well.

Question 7: As we got most of the results containing that we shouldn't name the villain, we are not going to as it will save time and we wouldn't of gained any purpose as the auidence don't require it.

Question 8: We didn't get any never which was good as it shows that most of the public either rarely or often watch horrors, which was shown by my results with it being roughly half each with Often just edging it with 4, This shows that we picked the right auidence as our survey shows most teenagers watch horrors.

Appelby street survey results (boys)

1. Would you like there to be blood involved?

2. Would you prefer the film to be carried out in light, dark or contain both?

3. Would you like backing track in the movie?

4. What would you like the villain to wear in the movie?

5. Do you reckon there should be a lot of dialogue involved?

6. In our opening 2-3 minutes would you like their to be any survivors?

7. Shall we name the Villain?

8. How often do you see horrors?

I gathered results from 7 boys to give our group an overview of how our target auidence want our film to gain. Also to see if the process of the film we are currently on meets their needs.

Here are the 7 results:

Appleby Street

Our film will carry out a survey which will allow us to gain an auidence perspective on what they would expect from a horror film/ or what they would like in a horror film they would want to watch.

1. Would you like there to be blood involved?

2. Would you prefer the film to be carried out in light, dark or contain both?

3. Would you like backing track in the movie?

4. What would you like the villain to wear in the movie?

5. Do you reckon there should be a lot of dialogue involved?

6. In our opening 2-3 minutes would you like their to be any survivors?

7. Shall we name the Villain?

8. How often do you see horrors?

Roles and responsibilities

Director: Aimee this means that she is in control of where the characters are positioned and were the setting shall take place.
Producer: Jacob, as he come up with the initial plot of the play and is adapting the plot due to our research.
Editor: Ben, This means that I am in charge of editing the piece post-filming.
Director of cinematography: Jacob, as he is the camera man so he is responsible for the shots etc.
Lighting: Ben This means if the lighting's bad, I have to fix it to a suitable light but also in charge of the torches to gain light.
Craft services: All of us.
Make up: Aimee This means she's responsible for creating the wound on my neck when i die.
Costume: All responsible for our own costumes.
Prop wrangler: Ben- i have to take care of the camera, torch, fake knife and the mask.
Transport manager: we walk or get out mums to give us a lift.
Cast: Ben as himself and as the killer and Aimee.
Location manager: Aimee because the place is near her house so she knows the most about the setting.
Continuity editor: Ben and Jacob: We making sure the process is consistent throughout for example the props will be introduced instead of pooping up through out the scene.
Set dresser: Jacob he makes up the set, so it fits in with the scene.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Done filming today, it went extremely well. We finalized the killing scene which went really well. The only problem with it is that we had too change the story line a tad because we wasn't going to initially contain a torch but as the lighting on the camera was vague we had to change it so that we found a torch on the floor because otherwise their would be a continuity error as we did not initially contain a camera then we would have out of no were gained a camera which would not match.

Negatives were that we didn't time the sky properly as it was darker than when we first filmed so we are going to have to edit all the filming to get a finalized first draft, then we are going to have to critically see where we have gone wrong with timing and lighting then re film to gain a overall better film.

Camera man: which Jacob performed today was that he made several of different shot types for example in our filming today he performed: Anchor shot, 180 degrees, shot reverse shot, overhead shot, zoom in on the face shot, body shot, mid shot and side wards shot.

Ben: I had two perform in two roles of character, i was my initial character in my red denim shirt with a geography teachers jacket, with a pair of cream chinos and white converse. But also i had to be the villain wearing a blue hooded jacket with a mask on my head covering my face and the hood covering my hair so the auidence do not realize that i am being two characters. so we did not perform any dialogue for the villain because then the auidence will also realize that i am both character. Whilst editing if we realize that we need to add any dialogue for the villain we will get me to perform a voice over via garage band then edit the voice using deeper vocals, to gain a sinister affect but yet also the distinction between the two characters.

As my initial character had to be wounded, Aimee brought make up and ketchup: so that she could paint a wound on my neck with the ketchup being the blood and the make up making the wound seem significantly more realistic.

Aimee: She continued out wearing the same clothing as she did the first time round. Aimee had to remain vulnerable throughout the last periods of the film to remain the horror film of the girl always pathing her way into the killers hands instead of taking the obvious exit. she had to do a loud scream to show off the feminism but also to show the power is in the masked villains hands through the fear on Aimee's face. If we need to make her dialogue clearer to match her expressions we will have to because otherwise we will not gain the sound effect if its not in sync with her emotions.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Appleby Street development

We developed this video from the video i posted just before this one. We done several things to it for example we muted most of the sound as it was not appropriate and gathered many different tracks in the background remaining with few amounts of dialogue. We used garage bound to gain our sound, we used a wind track to produce the non digetic, but to make the wind sufficient we made the loudness of the wind due to the estimated amount of wind on the characters face and clothes. For example we started it with reasonably windy noise when they walked round the bend , but then the next part of the journey their was not but much wind so we made the wind slight. Which made it more effective when we looked down the alley, with the wind pushing on our faces. This was effective for two reasons, being it made the journey look significantly more realistic. But also to use poetic phallacy that the weather (the wind) reveals how much in fear the characters are and how the night becomes more sinister.

But by no means is it at the standard we are aiming for, as the video has slight mistakes for example in the opening ten seconds the wind breaks then starts up again which is something we need to examine and recreate. But also we need to redo the dialogue with voice overs to create tension because we need to hear the voices to reveal fear.

Also the birds tweeting, was substantially loud because it over powered the wind in a great deal and that didn;t reveal the effect we initially thought we was going to gain, so this is also something else we are in need to edit.

Appelby street

The background sounds for example the wind over power the dialogue, so from this we are going to go on Garage band and find a windy backing track which is consistent and then we are going to create the dialogue through voice overs as it makes it more realistic.

Also the video transitions used look like time is passing, which is not the effect we wanted to produce, so we are going to edit the film so the video transitions so we don't consume time passing effect, the possibilities of which we could edit in our film is rapid cutting to create suspense. We need to make the whole film interactive for the audience otherwise our film will not the match the conventions of a horror as they don't create suspense or tension.  We also need to include a wider range of camera angles to create tension, for example 'close up', 'panning shot'. These shots will create tension as the audience will gain a wider perspective of our film.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Target auidence for Appleby street

The target auidence for Appleby street is 15 and above, as it is reasonably scary and contains excessive scenes which may be seen as gory. The target auidence reflects the characters in the film, which could effectively give the auidence the ability to consume the emotions contained throughout the film as they are from the same age group and may have experienced the same emotions in a darken place.

Also as being from the same age group their is some advantages because we can consider which would make us entertained throughout a horror, films usually certificated 15 contain lots of gory scenes to keep the auidence appealed, we are going to apply this in our film as there is a killing scenes.

Appelby street

The Mirror phase- How this can be applied to our film is the fact that Ben and Aimee in the film perform which many teenagers frequently do without thinking about the possible consequences. It shows that late at night in reality you shouldn't walk through a sinister forest, because it is a perfect place for a murderer to kill. The mirror phase reflects the unsafe routes to place we consume on a daily basis. But also effectively the mirror phase produces the idea that you are in the film which makes the film scary as you reflect the anxiety which the characters in Appelby street contain. also it may repress memories, when The auidence have been down a darken alley or woods and the anxiety they consumed.

Also the target auidence is represented through the film as our target auidence is 15 and above and that is they age group which all characters are in. So we can use this to our advantage as we know what would make our age groups entertained or scared.

The use of synergy of The inbetweeners

Synergy- Where the film is converged into different forms of media for example video games and soundtracks.

D.v.d- this being the most popular use of synergy in films, This gives the institution the ability to consume substantially more profit by just using the hard drive or reel of the initial film converging it into a d.v.d.

Also they converge the film into Blu ray to sell it for a more significant price.

Soundtrack- The institution create a soundtrack, as the songs applied on the soundtrack for example "Sean Kingston- Party all night" is a mainstream song what is targeted to young adults/ teenagers coincidentally like the film which makes it easier to sell as they already have a target auidence for the film so they can apply the same auidence for the soundtrack. Also the soundtrack helps advertise the songs of the soundtracks initial owners as their song is being advertised for free.

They are all the major forms of synergy but there is also minor uses of synergy such as:

Posters and T shirts


Production- The stage where the film is being put together, forming casts, scenes,plots etc. Production consumes 3 parts: Pre-production, Production and Post production.

Distribution- the stage which the institution gives licence for other companies to reveal the film gaining substantially more viewers.

Marketing- The financial stage, concerning all financial matters such as funding the film e.g actors and producers, to then the distribution where they make their profit. With a estimate to gain a significant profit.

Exhibition- Where the film is shown to the auidence for example in the cinema, online and T.V.

Auidence- The viewers of the film, usually aimed targeted by the institution specifically.

Institution- The company who owns the film, containing all the power over the film. Who then decide how the distribution and marketing consumes.

Synergy- This is where the film is converged into different types of media for example video games and soundtracks.

Digital- this is a non physical technology usually processed online.

Analog- Opposite of digital, consisting of a form of physical technology for example a hard drive.

New technology- the interactivity and connectivity (web 2.0)

Hardware- a form of physical technology.

Convergence- Two form any two types of media/technology. for example watching a movie of your phone.