Monday, 19 March 2012

Appelby developing

This is just a brief video to show what we had and how we needed to change it. We got several responses with an average answer being that it has the right intention for a good horror but there needs to e several finishing touches for it to be deemed scary.

For example we need to re film certain clips with more lighting and more sound. But also to edit with more backing sounds to make it more interesting.

From the survey i offered i gained some helpful results, 1 which i am going to act on soon as possible that we need some backing music which i also agree with. Because the film is good but it is 1 dimensional we need ranges of emotions sounds and lighting for it be exciting for the auidence. With the limited resources we have it is going to be hard to find a significant soundtrack for our film but fortunately we have the opportunity to use freely use Garage Band which allows to have basic sounds in our film without permission, so i am going to play about with Garage Band then see if i can fit some of there sound in our film.

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