Thursday, 1 March 2012

Appelby street

The Mirror phase- How this can be applied to our film is the fact that Ben and Aimee in the film perform which many teenagers frequently do without thinking about the possible consequences. It shows that late at night in reality you shouldn't walk through a sinister forest, because it is a perfect place for a murderer to kill. The mirror phase reflects the unsafe routes to place we consume on a daily basis. But also effectively the mirror phase produces the idea that you are in the film which makes the film scary as you reflect the anxiety which the characters in Appelby street contain. also it may repress memories, when The auidence have been down a darken alley or woods and the anxiety they consumed.

Also the target auidence is represented through the film as our target auidence is 15 and above and that is they age group which all characters are in. So we can use this to our advantage as we know what would make our age groups entertained or scared.

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