Thursday, 8 March 2012

Appelby street

The background sounds for example the wind over power the dialogue, so from this we are going to go on Garage band and find a windy backing track which is consistent and then we are going to create the dialogue through voice overs as it makes it more realistic.

Also the video transitions used look like time is passing, which is not the effect we wanted to produce, so we are going to edit the film so the video transitions so we don't consume time passing effect, the possibilities of which we could edit in our film is rapid cutting to create suspense. We need to make the whole film interactive for the audience otherwise our film will not the match the conventions of a horror as they don't create suspense or tension.  We also need to include a wider range of camera angles to create tension, for example 'close up', 'panning shot'. These shots will create tension as the audience will gain a wider perspective of our film.

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  1. As you read through your posts see if you can include a wider range of technical terminology - be as specific and 'media-y' as possible.