Monday, 19 March 2012

Appleby development, responses please!!!

To This

As you can see we made some very vague changes, have changed the loudness of the sound in certain parts of the film and the sounds tracks. We have done this because our initial video was shown and the responses of the target auidence where 'to change the sound and also' to add a backing track. Because the wind only offers 1 musical interpretation to the film whereas the backing track will interpret the intensity which we want our film to consume. In every successful horror there is high levels of intensity because the music makes the viewer become at it's most scared. So if there is no intensity the horror is taken away so we thought that by adding music we will create suspense and tension.

How I done this is using Garage Band, because this allows you to gain free soundtracks and interpret them in your own way with special effects. we interpreted our soundtrack with Male basic because we want our soundtrack to be masculine, as you would normally associate masculinity with a horror. whereas if we edited our film with female basic it would be more delicate and fragile and we would not gain the effect of a horror.
We added a soundtrack with birds tweeting when at the first meeting because it portrays her character early on that she is not dependent on her own because she takes her time and is not decisive. Which we use to an advantage because when my character and Aimee split up we see the inevitability that she will die because she will not be able to run away because she does everything in slow motion. We also done this to keep the auidence interested, because in many horror films there are glimpses of comedy especially early on in the film because it keeps the viewer interested and is a friendly way to introduce the character, this also allows mood progression to be applied, at first the characters were not friendly and then later on they become vulnerable.

We then added a Dark soundtrack under the category of piano to take place, whilst we see my character on the floor because it reveals the emotions of the characters and saddens the auidence which normally occurs in every horror. We see that Aimee is said because she has just lost a friend and also that she knows that she is vulnerable to death because she is lonely in a dark field next to a victim who has just died so the killer cannot be far away. So the effect which we gain from this soundtrack is that the auidence will feel sorry for Aimee, as she is in the opening two minutes throughout we want at lest one of the main characters to be connected to the auidence because in every film their needs to be a favorite character or a good character, which relates to Aristotles conventions who states the protagonist must be more noble than evil.

The next piece of music involved shows that the scene is upbeat, and reflecting the tension through Aimee's heartbeat because the music is loud and rapid to show she is scared. The response i gained was that it fits in perfectly with the clip but not with the genre. Which i will need to review and analyse because This scene is meant to be significant to the film and genre, which means i may need to replace it with a more suspenseful sound, or i could interpret this soundtrack with deeper vocals.

The last piece of music is relevant but not useful because it does not sound realistic and the review i got on this is that it does not create suspense which i hoped it would gain. So therefore i am defiantly going to replace the sound either with a different piece or just no backing sound at all.

Respond please!!!!

These are a few print screens of feedback i have received:


  1. If you've had any comments on Youtube / Facebook / Twitter etc try and grab some screen shots or post links so we can see what people have said. Just a case of giving us evidence that is tangible. Benn enjoying reading this. Remember, a proof read out loud is needed to catch any lapses in the clarity of your expression.