Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Appleby latest update

We have made a few changes from the video i just put up on the blog, for example we introduce "Sphinx studios" followed by "Kwirk Productions" which we edited on power point to create a background for our companies name to make it more sinister and exciting which links to our film. We also introduced the main roles in the opening 3 minutes for example "Starring Ben" and "Aimee" with the Directed by "Aimee", produced by "Jacob", Edited by "Ben" and director of Photography "Jacob Brown" so that we have all been allocated 2 roles each to show the equality of the film. Also when we introduced the last four set of roles we picked a sinister woods to keep the horror theme occurring. The only problem is that the image was still so that it didn't look realistic and didn't fit in with the rest of the movement in the film,so what we have considered is to see if we could film a clip of the woods with movement to make it more tension building.

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  1. Post the Sphinx and Kwirk idents so we can see!