Saturday, 31 March 2012

Appleby newest

We have just made a few changes from the latest video up till know. We reviewed our film and decided that we need to edit our film with some effects. So we looked on Final cut pro with the several video transitions and filters which we are freely available to use. After a couple of hours we went over most of the video transitions, but they were not really effective as the only effect we gained by using them was that, time was passing. So then we looked over the video filters to gain an advantage. We overlooked several and applied them to different scenes of the film to see if they were effective. Then we found a video filter called "Sharpen" and it worked to great effect on one of the shots, but for us to apply this effect we would have needed to use this effect on all of the shots. So we tried out this effect and unfortunately after 20 minutes of rendering the effect was not effective with all the shots. So then we had to get rid of that effect.

Then i asked a fellow classmate what effects did their group "cats in space" use, as they also are doing a horror film as the theme. So they showed me their impressive film and they used several shots, the most impressive ones for me was "Bad TV" and "Bad Film", as it created tension because the "Bad TV/Film" highlighted the inevitability that there was something going to go wrong. Then i found a shot in our film where my character was lying dead on the floor and we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try out the two effects, then when we reviewed which one was more significant to our film. As a group we came to a conclusion that the best effect was the "Bad film" as it highlighted the image betting than "Bad TV". So we applied the "Bad Film" effect to our film where my character was laying on the floor.

We also used the same effect on the opening of the film on the "Applebystreet" road sign, which worked perfectly because one of our roo,s for improvements was to make the clip of the "Applebystreet" road sighn to be still as initially it was to much of a moving clip for the opening of our film, but the use of this effect allows us to keep the clip as the effect makes it look like we wanted the image to move around. So we applied the "Bad Film" effect to our film and then we tinted with an effect to darken the image so it made the sign look more sinister.

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