Thursday, 8 March 2012

Appleby Street development

We developed this video from the video i posted just before this one. We done several things to it for example we muted most of the sound as it was not appropriate and gathered many different tracks in the background remaining with few amounts of dialogue. We used garage bound to gain our sound, we used a wind track to produce the non digetic, but to make the wind sufficient we made the loudness of the wind due to the estimated amount of wind on the characters face and clothes. For example we started it with reasonably windy noise when they walked round the bend , but then the next part of the journey their was not but much wind so we made the wind slight. Which made it more effective when we looked down the alley, with the wind pushing on our faces. This was effective for two reasons, being it made the journey look significantly more realistic. But also to use poetic phallacy that the weather (the wind) reveals how much in fear the characters are and how the night becomes more sinister.

But by no means is it at the standard we are aiming for, as the video has slight mistakes for example in the opening ten seconds the wind breaks then starts up again which is something we need to examine and recreate. But also we need to redo the dialogue with voice overs to create tension because we need to hear the voices to reveal fear.

Also the birds tweeting, was substantially loud because it over powered the wind in a great deal and that didn;t reveal the effect we initially thought we was going to gain, so this is also something else we are in need to edit.

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