Sunday, 11 March 2012


Done filming today, it went extremely well. We finalized the killing scene which went really well. The only problem with it is that we had too change the story line a tad because we wasn't going to initially contain a torch but as the lighting on the camera was vague we had to change it so that we found a torch on the floor because otherwise their would be a continuity error as we did not initially contain a camera then we would have out of no were gained a camera which would not match.

Negatives were that we didn't time the sky properly as it was darker than when we first filmed so we are going to have to edit all the filming to get a finalized first draft, then we are going to have to critically see where we have gone wrong with timing and lighting then re film to gain a overall better film.

Camera man: which Jacob performed today was that he made several of different shot types for example in our filming today he performed: Anchor shot, 180 degrees, shot reverse shot, overhead shot, zoom in on the face shot, body shot, mid shot and side wards shot.

Ben: I had two perform in two roles of character, i was my initial character in my red denim shirt with a geography teachers jacket, with a pair of cream chinos and white converse. But also i had to be the villain wearing a blue hooded jacket with a mask on my head covering my face and the hood covering my hair so the auidence do not realize that i am being two characters. so we did not perform any dialogue for the villain because then the auidence will also realize that i am both character. Whilst editing if we realize that we need to add any dialogue for the villain we will get me to perform a voice over via garage band then edit the voice using deeper vocals, to gain a sinister affect but yet also the distinction between the two characters.

As my initial character had to be wounded, Aimee brought make up and ketchup: so that she could paint a wound on my neck with the ketchup being the blood and the make up making the wound seem significantly more realistic.

Aimee: She continued out wearing the same clothing as she did the first time round. Aimee had to remain vulnerable throughout the last periods of the film to remain the horror film of the girl always pathing her way into the killers hands instead of taking the obvious exit. she had to do a loud scream to show off the feminism but also to show the power is in the masked villains hands through the fear on Aimee's face. If we need to make her dialogue clearer to match her expressions we will have to because otherwise we will not gain the sound effect if its not in sync with her emotions.

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