Thursday, 1 March 2012


Production- The stage where the film is being put together, forming casts, scenes,plots etc. Production consumes 3 parts: Pre-production, Production and Post production.

Distribution- the stage which the institution gives licence for other companies to reveal the film gaining substantially more viewers.

Marketing- The financial stage, concerning all financial matters such as funding the film e.g actors and producers, to then the distribution where they make their profit. With a estimate to gain a significant profit.

Exhibition- Where the film is shown to the auidence for example in the cinema, online and T.V.

Auidence- The viewers of the film, usually aimed targeted by the institution specifically.

Institution- The company who owns the film, containing all the power over the film. Who then decide how the distribution and marketing consumes.

Synergy- This is where the film is converged into different types of media for example video games and soundtracks.

Digital- this is a non physical technology usually processed online.

Analog- Opposite of digital, consisting of a form of physical technology for example a hard drive.

New technology- the interactivity and connectivity (web 2.0)

Hardware- a form of physical technology.

Convergence- Two form any two types of media/technology. for example watching a movie of your phone.

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