Thursday, 1 March 2012

The use of synergy of The inbetweeners

Synergy- Where the film is converged into different forms of media for example video games and soundtracks.

D.v.d- this being the most popular use of synergy in films, This gives the institution the ability to consume substantially more profit by just using the hard drive or reel of the initial film converging it into a d.v.d.

Also they converge the film into Blu ray to sell it for a more significant price.

Soundtrack- The institution create a soundtrack, as the songs applied on the soundtrack for example "Sean Kingston- Party all night" is a mainstream song what is targeted to young adults/ teenagers coincidentally like the film which makes it easier to sell as they already have a target auidence for the film so they can apply the same auidence for the soundtrack. Also the soundtrack helps advertise the songs of the soundtracks initial owners as their song is being advertised for free.

They are all the major forms of synergy but there is also minor uses of synergy such as:

Posters and T shirts

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