Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What stage we are currently at

So far what we have achieved is, that we have got the basics of what we needed to film, other than in the middle scene where we got time differences not matching which is a continuity error. So we are going to refilm the middle section so it fits in with the initial footage. Also we need to refilm most of the clips justbecause the sound levels are to loud and if we make the sound levers higher, then all you can here is the wind which is out of time with the wind of which we picked up of Garage Band.

We have decided to change the film ending slightly because the initial script we aplied to our film didn't create a good ending, so what we are going to do is re film the ending and end the clip with a confrontation between Aimee and the Killer as creates tension and would reveal the Killer in the opening 3minutes ofour film.

Also at at the ending of the editing stage we are currently on, we revealed who was the editor, producer, director and director of photography on a fine picture of a sinister woods. But from our feedback we gained it looked to much liuke credits becauser the image was to still. So we have got two option we are either going to play with the video filters on Garage Band and try to see if we can make the image less solid. Or we are going to go to some woods when it is reasonabily dark and film the woods so it looks more realistic.

We have had some feedback which we are going to consider, the first being that throughout the opening 2 minutes, we only apply non digetic sounds in our film. Then we go straight into the piano song which reveals the emotions off the characters. So we have considered that wemay need to introduce the scene with more digetic sounds. Especially at the start when we introduce Kwirk Productions and Sphinx Studios because our target auidence is for 15s and over and they need to be interested so a dul introduction will not make our film appealing. So we have made a short vocal soundtrack of "Kwirk Productions" followed by an evil laugh which was edited on Garage Band with the effect of male deeper vocals. But also we are currently still trying to find a sufficient soundtrack for the opening 2 minutes of the film, but we are only going to do so if neccessary, because if the sound does not match the video it will not be no use as it will not gain the effect of the characters emotions for example applying an upbeat rock soundtrack for a long depressing walk would only be comical because we have not gained a thriller effect.

The reaction shots, for exampledown the alley need to be sharper because when someoneis scared the react anxiuosly,not slowly and my character des not reveal the true emotions. whereas with Aimee it's not as bad as we have covered it up with an emotional soundtrack which reveals her emotions and the fact that she says "Ben, Ben" rather fastly shows that she is worried. So we are going to refilm the intense scenes to try and gain a more anxious reaction so that it reflects tension. Reasction shots will also allow us to consume different and more of a variety of shots because we could create sharp shots like shot reverse shot etc.

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