Monday, 19 March 2012

What we've got so far

What I have done here is edited with the resources available so far, I played around with Garage band to give various backing sounds to keep the auidence interested in the film, but i got some reviews back of the film. Harry said that "the piano sound where I am laying on the floor is the most effective and should think about using that throughout." whereas Steve liked the "up beat sound when Aimee is running" as i have gained two opposing responses i am going to go Final cut pro and test the piano sound throughout and see if we think its better with that or how it is at the moment.

Also as you can see their is an obvious difference in lighting down the alley and also a continuity error where the torch is down the alley with the light on whereas the clip just before it didn't consume a torch. So we have left a message in between the two clips and next time we are going to go out and film we are going to go over the scene before hand so it matches the second half of the film because we feel that is more significant towards our film than the first part.

Also the people who viewed our film mostly enjoyed it but all said that the ending wasn't that great, because it is not very clear what is going on. So i have came up with two possible solutions: 1. Being that we could bring more torches when we next film and get some volunteers to shine the torch on the two characters and the scenery so it is clear what is going on and where. Or the other solution being that as we have a substantial amount of clips we can shorten the video so that we see a glimpse of the killer confronting Aimee then start of our film ending because it would also give the ability for the film to carry on because in the rest of the film various story lines could lead on from that for example, Aimee escaping, The villain killing her or someone seeing intervening.

Also the people who viewed the film said that the sound needs to be more consistent because as we have not got a high quality camera there is some points in the film where the sound does not match the following scene the loudness is severely different. So this could also be something that i could look at because responding to comments from the target auidence will benefit us because if we give them what they want to consume in our film they will be pleased. But i need to gain a more of an average answer because i have consumed a biased view on the film, so i need to ask more people then also when i have made changes to the film i will need to ask them if the changes are improvements because once they have seen there ideas in place they might like the initial video rather than there idea.

Also when we the villain and Aimee first confront each other we need to make it more intense because it doesn't look so surreal. We need to make it more sinister so that we convey the theme which we are basing our film on. We also need to make the clip longer because the brief clip provided of the first confrontation does not reveal Aimee's emotions or the darkness of the Villain.

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