Saturday, 28 April 2012

Media day, Question 3

What do you think of the use of Editing?

We had 74 participants, who answered this question. As editor this question is the most important to me, because my job is to please the audience through the use of editing. I done several forms of editing, for example i put in series of soundtracks "beautifull melody", "birds tweeting", "suspense accents " and "thunder roll" which were all available on 'Garage Band'. But also i had to deal with putting in all the 'video transitions', for example: 'fade in fade out' and video filters such as 'Bad film'. But my most favorable piece of editing (which took me ages to complete), was the shot of the sky changing darkness, the 'time lapse shot. The 'time lapse' shot was my favorite part because it revealed time was passing, also applying pathetic fallacy which creates suspense. The reason we applied this clip is because we were missing a clip to show that time was passing, so that we could apply Pathetic fallacy and mood progression. How i edited this shot was by converting a shot which was about 45 minutes duration, to become a shot which then lasted 10 seconds. How i done this was cut the first part of the clip where the darkness of the sky wasn't changing. then i converted the rest of the shot on 'motion' to '%3002'.

These are the results of the 74 participants we gained:
 52 positive answers
 9 negatives
 13 neutrals.

I am severely happy with the results which were gained from all participants, as the way mostly positive with only 9 negatives, which is significantly more than which we thought we was going to gain. Although i am very happy with the results we received, there seems to be a significant amount of room for improvement, which is also positive because i can use this constructively so the next time i edit i can extend the ability of editing to fulfill more audience needs, which is to contain creative shots, as our audience is 15-25, we need to keep them entertained, as they can become easily bored.

Example comments:
"i like the shot of the sky, to show times passing."
"i like the use of the transitions."
"the soundtracks used, are very effective."

and some negative comments:
"their were to many transitions."
"the sound levels were not appropriate."

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Media day, Question on the best part of the film?

On our media day we asked an extended question, which was; What was your favourite part of the film?

We gained many answers from the 74 participants, the answers were very varied which symbolizes that their were many parts of the film which were effective, what is extremely good as we need to keep the audience entertained throughout our film to make it an substatnially good film, for example our inspiration "Vacancy" the auidence were on edge throughout because the scenes were all effective through the use of editing and varied camera angles.

The answers which we gained on our media open day were:
"The ending were Ben died." (Thanks guys)
"The bit were the killer was introduced, it was scary."
"You kidding me"(:D Great acting by me... not)
"When the piano started playing, this was most effective"
"The shot of the clouds."

Theese where the most popular answers which we gained with most of them being "The bit where Ben died." This was very pleasing to hear because this was the scene which alot of effort was put in, for example we used a soundtrack of 'Gararge Band' and used effects such as 'Bad film' which helped create the effect of building tension. Most of them being parts of the ending was also very good because the techniques which we tried to use where; Pathetic fallacy, mood progression and buling tension, the ending being the auidence favourite bit means that the techniques we used were more effective as it lead up to the ending which was then more sinister when it happened which ties into the conventions of a horror.

Also as editor to see that "The shot of the clouds" was effective is extremely pleasing, because this was initially a missing clip due to the time differences in terms of the darkness of the sky, which caused us a massive problem. I tried several different solutions to try and fit in the missing clip but problems kept arising, so then i took a shot out of my window to the sky which was about 45 minutes long and then converted to about 10 seconds on 'Final Cut Pro'. Then put a soundtrack of a 'Thunder roll' on top of the clip, which also took alot of time to render and then export to youtube. So this comment is very thankfull as it shows that the clip of the sky fulfill it needs we initially wanted it too.

For me the part of our film which is most successful is when my character died, because up till this point we tried to create suspense and tension through the use of camera angles and editing. At this point of the film, this is where editing is most used, for example the 'bad film' on my character who is dead on the floor, this exaggerated the death of my character creating suspense.

The part of the play which for me was the least successful was the alley way, because i do not feel a narrative was established at this point, for example the dialogue does not match the scene, the conversation about the killer does is not established properly as the alley way and torch have no relevance to the killer.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Media evaluation day, question 2

This is question 2, and 73 participants took answered this question.

The question was: How do you think the film fitted in with the conventions of the genre? (our genre being Horror)

Our Genre being horror, so the conventions of a horror, would normally consist of someone dying, applying a villain and at least one victim who is vulnerable. The conventions of horror can be seen similarly to the conventions of tragedy derived from Aristotle, for example how we applied Aristotle's convention of tragedy 'casual links' which consists of the 'probable' becoming 'inevitable' which is used when the ccharacter of Ben dies, Aimee's death is inevitable. 

Again the answers which we received were significantly positive, which you can see in our pie chart. The answers which we gained  were:
Positives: 57
Negatives: 7
Neutrals: 9

We were very thankful for the answers which we gained form evaluation day, because it gave us a better insight into how our film had met the conventions of tragedy. 57 answered positively which means that we done fairly well which is impressive as it was very hard to fulfill the conventions of a horror as the camera which we used for our film was not of great quality when it comes to filming in the dark, which means we couldn't apply the footage we initially wished to film. Although the answers were not as positive as question 1, as a group we are very happy with the feedback we received.

Some comments from participants:
"Yes, as it was very scary."
"Yes because tension was built."
"Yes because the music created suspense."

Comments which were negative:
"No because it wasn't scary at all, needed more tension."
"No, as the villain was not introduced as being scary."

What we can take back from the negative feedback is a better insight into what we done wrong in terms of applying the conventions of the horror, which will help us evaluate our film and how we could improve it to make the theme apply the conventions of a horror.

Results from Media open day

Thankfully we recieved a set of results Question one 1 was:
 Was the setting appropriate?

We had 74 participants and the results we recieved were extremeley possitive as we had 67 possitive answers, 1 negative answer and 6 neutral answers.

As our film is a horror, the audience will be analyzing this question in terms of a horror, they would be looking for dark scenes, a villains lair and a place where the victims are seen as vulnerable. Which is shown in our inspiration for our films, for example in 'Vacancy' the victims become vulnerable in the motel, which could also be seen as the villains lair, as all the deaths in Vacancy are performed in that room.

From theese results we gained, we can see that our choice of setting was extremely well placed, meaning that question 1 was a huge success and that the research we done was successful as for example we used "Halloween" as our inspiration, where most of the action was outside. Also the producers of Halloween used pathetic fallacy like us as the mood was always sinister in the scenes where it was dark and outside.

The comments we gained which help show that is was a success were:
"Because it was dark and gloomy."
 "it started not scary, but then the ending setting built tension."
"the darkness of the setting madeit scary."
"use of dark alley created suspense."

Friday, 20 April 2012

Final script questions

Questions on Final script To establish the environment what I needed to do was:
 To use a torch, otherwise it was not clear to establish the environment in which we were in. Especially the nature for example trees, we could not see the surrounding unless we had a torch in our hand.

 Also to show establishing info: made it clear through the dialogue for example stating we were walking down the “alley” and then to show its scary the face expressions revealed the emotions.
 The significant eye lines are:

 When I die, I make a huge grunting noise. In reaction Aimee shows a concerned and scared face and this is shown by the close up, which is in line with Aimee’s eye line. This shows that Aimee is desperately concerned, and shows the inevitability that she is also in danger.

 What kind of coverage we need to make our film more effective: Is a better camera because we cannot see the surroundings other than what is in the light source of the torch, so we could not put in a killing seen because in the dark an attack could not be established because the torch couldn’t require enough light to see both characters in action.

 We used composition to show relationships by:

The arrangement of characters, because it shows the character of Ben was far from heroic and impatient as when Aimee was on the phone Ben walked on and lead to his death. Also the relationship of the two was obvious to the viewer through use of dialogue, Aimee’s character was very demanding with quotes of yes “it’s the only way” and “wait a minute Ben”, whereas in contrast Ben was very many with quotes such as “ar you kidding me”

Final script

Vacancy inspiration

Vacancy Inspiration to our film

 How Camera angles have been used to create an engaging opening / develop the narrative / position the viewer; 

To make the audience jump, the camera angles were severely varied so that the audience could gain a perspective of everything around them. This worked to an effect because once the audience have realized the surroundings they can start then making casual links and they are on the edge of their sitting in anxiety to whats going to happen next.

What camera angle and movements have been used; 
Body shot
Overhead shot
Close up
Medium shot
Shot reverse shot
Extreme close up

What the prominent or main focus of the opening is; 
The main focus are the two characters of the man and women, they have introduced the characters with an argument so that when the plot starts to occur it is unexpected. Also the main focus it the motel and how disturbing it is which was shown on the video in the room.

How editing has been used to create an engaging opening / develop the narrative / position the viewer;
Their are several quick cuts between shots which creates suspense, especially at the petrol station where it was completely unexpected (I nearly fell of my chair but that's besides the point), also the sequence was full of short clips which creates suspense as the audience are constantly peeled to the screen because they don't want to miss anythhing because its happening all to fast and then when suspense is created they put in a jumpy bit.

What transitions have been used and why (such as wipe / fade /dissolve / rapid cutting etc); 
There isn't much transitions what have been used in this because they don't want to slow down the flow of the sequence which promotes anxiety. They do use fade in fade out, for the titles etc.

How mise-en-scene has been used to create an engaging opening / develop the narrative / position the viewer;
The mise en scene creates an engaging opening by the use of the clothing, as the clothes which from all the people involved in the film are normal clothes and are is no hint that the people of the motel where involved in such a cruel at. So when the casual links start occuring in the viewers head it is even more unexpected as no one would have expected any of theese.

What happens in the opening;
The two characters run out of petrol, the car then breaks down. So they go to a motel and then they go into one of the rooms and turn on the telly. Where they view a horrible video of a girl being assaulted and then put the links together and realize the room in which they are in is where the assault took place.

How the titles and studio idents have been presented - think about font, colour, position in the shot, length of appearance; 

The titles came up in the end of the opening 2 minutes, the font colour for them all was orange, to show that it stands out. The position of the shot was central to show the "Vacancy" is a key feature for the rest of the film. It was only in the shot for a short period of time.

Why this is an effective opening:
Because they auidence are continuously peeled to the screen, so they we will want to watch on further. The film promotes tremendous amounts of anxiety because of the way have used editing and cinematography to use a varied of shot clips, continuously after the other. The narrative is clearly established which will makes the genre horror portrayed as the narrative is clearly the horrid motel.

This helped us develop Appleby Street, in terms of the plot for example the motel was the villains lair, so we made our film contain a villains lair, which was Appleby Street field. The reason we done this was that it created suspense every time the victims were in there which also created suspense. Also they inspired us, to make the journey to Appleby. In Vacancy, they had several different options but chose to go to the horrid motel. Which we applied in our film as we could have gone many other routes to the party but stupidly choose the most horrid pathway, into the villains path, creating tension.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Final Draft changes

This is the changes from our last video to our latest video: why we done so, what we done and what problems arose


this is a video of short clip of everything what went wrong converted into one. Played to the best song in the world.

Alley way video diary

This is a short video of the alley way and why we used it.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Initial Audience

Initial Audience

Our “initial” idea for our film was with “Jacob” included in the film with a major role with the film from his point of view. We got this idea from our “initial inspirations” such as “paranormal activity”. This is where we got our “initial” target audience from as the “paranormal activity” was a bit hit among our peers and we followed that film in terms of “audience”.

We tried to keep the audience as diverse as possible so we made sure it was targeted at boys and girls, this is why in both surveys we made sure we asked the same amount of boys and girls so we can get an average answer by considering both views. Although we changed our “initial idea” we continued to keep our Target audience is 15-25. The reason for doing this most of the horror target audience are for 18s and above, but as we do not have any excessive scenes during our film we are going to use this as an advantage by applying a target audience as young as 15 so we have a wider range of an target audience.

Also as all three of us are of an age range of 16-17, it will be much easier to test surveys on our peers to gain a beneficial survey results as they will be able to tell us what we need to achieve to fulfil our Target audience needs. Also as we are in the age range of the target audience, we have a rough idea of what we need to include to make a successful Horror film in our eyes. We can also pick inspirations for our film due to which are seen as successful films among our peers.

We also think that the age range of 15-25 wold be the suitable for our film, because we frequently watch Horrors ourselves and so do our mates. Also during our first survey, we asked our target audience “how often do you watch horrors” and we got a positive feedback from both the boys and the girls. With the popular answer being “often”, so we feel our “initial target audience” was suitable through the answers we gained from our survey.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Media survey part 2 question 4

I continued to ask the 10 people on what they think about our latest video, the ten people where our target audience of the age 15-25. To get a fair answer I asked 5 boys and 5 girls, so we got an average answer of the target audience and did not base our survey on strictly one gender.
Whether they think it suits the conventions of our genre? (horror) and why? And if yes could you give an example.

The 5 boys where:


Ben K




The 5 girls where:







Harry: Well at first it didn’t match up to your genre, as there was not enough viewing of the villain. The end music with the piano created suspense and made it fit in to your genre.

Holly: Yes because it contained what most horrors do, a villain a vulnerable girl and a killing. The music was scary at the end.

Rosie: Yes straight away because the “sphinx studies” noise was unexpected and from then on I was waiting for a killing scene and then you applied the killing scene. But would want one of them to die.

Lauren: Yes because it was inevitable that your character was going to die because he did not seem comfortable shown through expressions.

Jake: Not really because the lines like “I’m a doughnut” does not create suspense, it is too comical to be a horror.

Jess: Yes because your character was useless and it was inevitable that you was going to die. The music applied made it inevitable for example the “bird singing” on Aimee should it that she is dependent and when you die we know she was going to die.

Ben K: Yes especially the part where you two split up, it happens in every horror the idiots depart and both lead themselves into the villain, oh and the fact you was useless and it was inevitable you was going to die. (Cheers mate)

James: Yeah because you created suspense for example, at the very start with the “Sphinx Studios” made me jump.

Alex: Not that much, there wasn’t many parts of your film which made me jump.

Zara: Well I thought some part applied to the theme of your film, especially the ending when Ben died because the music matched it perfectly.

This survey was produced, so we can see what our target audience think the progression of the film is on, in terms of the conventions of our theme. That being horror theme. All participants gave us a helpful answer, regardless if it was a positive or negative answer because we can strive to progress so our film fits the needs of the conventions of horror. We gained mostly positive feedback, which can only be good as we are near the final stages of our film and to find out that we are on course, in terms of conventions of horror.

Appleby survey applying participant views to our film

Our latest video

This is our latest video; we have made these changes due to the feedback we received from our survey.  Basing on the question “what would you improve?”  We got positive feedback from the other questions as well but we found this question to be the most important because we are acknowledging the audiences demands of our film in the process it is in this moment of time.
The most popular issue which was answered by our survey participants was the fact that “Kwirk Productions” was not loud enough or not the right soundtrack which we should apply to the image. We just made the soundtrack which was recorded via “Garage Band” with the effect of “Male deeper vocals” louder so the vocals are clearly conveyed to the audience. The problems we faced with this was we couldn’t properly define how loud the sound would come out because the first couple of times we put this soundtrack on “Final cut pro”, the loudness of the soundtrack seemed clear enough but when we converted the film via “quick time conversion” on “Final cut pro” so that the movie would be in Mov format. Then once it had been converted he sound of the clip was not as loud as it was on “Final cut”. The reason we done this was because during our survey research, when we asked what do you think is “wrong with it” and how would you “improve it”, to sort out the loudness of “Kwirk” was a popular answer and we agreed with the participants so we applied ths.
The part after Ben shouts “come on were going to be late”, then we meet at the lamppost. The sound level of the dialogue was to quiet and the sound of the wind overpowered the dialogue. We came up with several different solutions for this problem, but the solutions made us face some other problems. For example we thought this would be an easy situation, we would just tighten up the sound levels of the clip so that the loudness of the dialogue would increase. Then when we tried this, the problem we faced was that the clip itself contained too much levels of wind in the background. So then you could still not properly hear the dialogue still. Then we thought, we could try to lower the sound level of the wind we put in “wind 6” of “Garage Band”, but then the flow of the sequence did not go with the scene. As the levels of wind was reasonably high, shown with the wind pushing against Aimee’s hood,  then the wind went quite in the same scene, it didn’t match. Then the last solution worked to the best ability out of all 3 solutions. The solutions was to use “cut” on the “toolbar” of “Final cut pro” to “cut” the clip where the dialogue was involved and then increase the sound slightly so the dialogue was a tad clearer and the levels of the wind in the short clip was not to different from the rest of the clip what got “cut”.
We have moved the titles which were initially after the confrontation between Aimee and the killer, to the start after introducing the characters to “Starring”. The reason we done this was because during our survey research, when we asked what do you think is “wrong with it” and how would you “improve it” the most popular answer was that the ending looked like “credits”, and I “presume you are going to carry on” so we took it into account and decided to act on it. So we got rid of the still image of the woods, although it was a really good image. So moved the sequence from “Final cut pro”, which was created to put in the background of the image of the woods. We then put the sequence into the start of the movie, after the “starring” of the two characters, to keep the flow going. The transitions we used are “Fade in Fade out”, which is available for us on “Final cut pro” so that the flow of time passing was carried on. The problems which arose from this were that the sequence we copied from the end was too large for the scene which we put it in. So we used “cut” again from the “tool bar” to shorten each of the titles so that the sequence fit in with the scene.
The middle scene is still not finished yet unfortunately; we have applied a clip to fit in between the scene where it is light and then all off sudden dark. The reason we want to do this is because otherwise it does not look realistic. So we have come up with a clip of the sky for about an hour, but then through the use of “Final cut pro” we have made it so the video is about 10 seconds long. We have applied this video so the audience can see time has passed.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Survey part 2, question 3

I continued to carry out my survey on the 5 boys and 5 girls.

The question was, what parts would you improve in our film?

5 Boys:
Ben K

5 girls:

Harry: I would make the sound from "Kwirk productions louder" and make the clip of that more like the "Sphinx Studios" as that created suspense whereas "Kwirk" didn't.

Lauren: The ending looked like credits, and as it is the opening 3 minutes of the film i would persume theres going to be more of the film, so i would re do the ending clip.

Zara: I would make your character more manly because he keeps saying lines like "are you kidding", also i would change  the clothing of the villain.

Holly: I would put in more backing music, it is only scary at the end with the piano playing ion the background.

Ben: It was impressive, but i think you need to sharpen up some of the darken clips, especially the brightness so we can see whats clearly going on.

Jake: I would re do the middle scene because the light difference is to different, all of a sudden its pitch black maybe re film in the middle between the light scene and the dark scene.

Jess: I would change the "kwirk" so it is louder or get a new backing track, also re film the middle scene all together.

Alex: I would get rid of the last scene with the titles and put the titles of "producer" etc at the start along with the "starring".

James: I would make the villain scarier, maybe give him a shot of him attacking Aimee or Ben.

Rosie: I would make it so you could see the killing of Ben and also make Aimee die instead of ending it.

We asked the question of "what parts would you improve in our film?", because the 10 people i asked were all part of the target auidence 15- 25 most of them being about  16,17. This is extremely helpful because they give us an idea of what they would like to be improved in our film, so we are fulfilling their needs.

Of course we couldn't act on all of their ideas, for example "Rosie" stated that she would like to see the "killing of Ben", (cheers)  of course we cannot do this because i am playing the role of two characters of me and the villain. So we could not contain a shot of me and me in the same shot, i'm not Eddie Murphy. James also stated he wanted to see either "Aimee or Ben" being attacked by the villain"but when we done the survey of anyone surviving the boys and girls had a divided opinion. So we thought to respect both views we would make one survive and the other to not.

But we took some into consideration, for example to improve "Kwirk Productions" was a popular view from the survey, Jess stated that she would "make it louder" or even get a "new backing track", Harry had a similar view but also stated make the clip of that more like the "Sphinx Studios" as that created suspense whereas "Kwirk" didn't. As this was a popular opinion we are going to look at the clip and see if we can use their ideas to improve our film.

Also one view was to "get rid of the last scene with the titles and put the titles of "producer" etc at the start along with the "starring". We are going to try this idea as we feel this is really effective idea as we were thinking of a way to try and change the titles because we had a similar view to "Lauren" as she stated that "The ending looked like credits, and as it is the opening 3 minutes of the film i would presume theres going to be more of the film, so i would re do the ending clip."

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Halloween Inspiration converted into our film

Halloween Resurrection

Converted into our film "Appleby Street"

Halloween Inspiration

In the start of the film to introduce the titles "director", "producer" etc they used a simple black background and then used orange writing which is normally bright but darkened the orange. So they could distinguish the writing from the background but still keep it sinister. They were all positioned in the center of the picture to show they all contributed a significant amount.

They transitions they used were "fade in fade out", mostly in introduction of the film, with the "producer" etc to show that times passing but also so the words do not pop up straight away they take time to introduce to keep the flow and rhythm going. Also they used a transition called "dissolve" at the part of the "end of the tunnel" and then dissolved /into the man by the door.

The camera angle on Mike Myers is usually a "body shot", so you can see the whole picture, which reveals his masculinity what makes him more sinister because and the victims more vulnerable as he has a physical advantage. Narrative is also defined by the fact that Mike Myers reveals no emotion, shown through the constant "close ups" on his mask. When he kill the person with the knife he doesn't even flinch on the "body shot", which reveals to the auidence that he has done this before and will carry on which makes the character of Mike Myers iconic.

Camera angles used: They used a "extreme" long shot to show the character of Mike Myers through the window of the lady whom is looking out of the window.
A "long shot" on the man policeman, with the torch.
Camera movement: "Tracking", this occurred a few times the first one occurred at the very start when they was walking down the tunnel.
"Pan shot" this was the shot at the massive building moving horizontally right ways.
They "eye line shot" was used in the "Tracking shot" down the tunnel because it looked like it was a "point of view shot" from someone walking down the tunnel.
Body shot: There was many body shots most of them being on the character Mike Myers.
"Close up" was used on the mask of Mike Myers so the definition of the mask was clear.
"Extreme Close Up" was used when the tracking shot went on the door, through the key hole then straight into the boy with the mask on.

The main focus of the film film was the revealing of the character of Mike Myers, the tale of his "resurrection" and the horrible acts he is capable of when he kills the "policemen". Also the connection between Mike and his sister and that she is not really ill she is looking at the window for a reason.

Editing has been used in this film especially for reaction shots, when something sinister is occurring for example when the policemen dies the editor uses quick and repetitive shots so it creates suspense. Also the editor uses video filters using "slow motion"on Mike Myers with the paramedic outfit on to give the auidence enough time to realize that it's not really a paramedic.

Mise en Scene has been used to a significant amount to create suspense, for example the clothing of the character of Mike Myers he has got the symbolic "Mask" which makes him look dangerous. Also the props he consume for example the "knife" it makes it inevitable that a death is going to occur. The lighting is significantly important to contain the horror theme because the "torch" represents that the "policemen" is vulnerable and in a dark place, but also the light which on the policemen revealing his shadow promotes suspense as it is clear he is in view of Mike Myers and the inevitability that his going to die.

What happens in the opening is that the character of Mike Myers is introduced more cruel than ever. Then his sister is seen to be apparently ill which we know that she isn't so we know that she knows that she did not kill the right Mike and that's whats on her mind as she is constantly looking out the mirror to Mike.

I think this is extremely effective because it reveals how bad Mike Myers as a character is and leaves the auidence with an idea that Mike and the sister will be re united which leaves the auidence to wanna watch on.

Mike Myers, Halloween inspiration

This is where the inspiration for the use of the mask in our film came from. In the film Halloween, the main character was a tall hateful man and for a short part of the film he was a youngster with hatred. Mike had an obsession with masks, he created "many when he was in the asylum". This started from a very young age with the clown "mask".

Why we found this to be an inspiration for our film because the mask of Mike Myers was symbolic to the film, when the film Halloween is mentioned the instant imagery would be mike Myers' mask. In this clip they said its "iconic" because its the thought what actually goes on "beyond the mask", it is easier for the character to show he is motionless with a mask on because it never reveals a smile which symbolizes that the character is full of hatred. As we are not the best actors we thought it would be perfect to where a mask because we will reveal emotions better through the mask and it would also make me look more sinister.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Youtube, Twitter

Follow us on twitter ApplebyStreet

Our youtube channel as helped us extremely well, It helps us put up every latest update of our film and were we stand at the moment and gain feedback to see where we are at the moment and how we can improve.

These are some feedback we have received from our fans:

Our initial Story board

Health and safety

As we are film was a horror there was some health and safety issues which arose, i will take you through them an  describe how will dealt with them. As we did not see the attack on my character,  we avoided the most significant health and safety issue which would have been physical contact. Most of the health and safety issues took place on the shots which we didn't use.

Villains accessories- The villain had a knife in the ending shot, which you could unfortunately not see. But we had to make sure it was a fake plastic knife because otherwise we could have been stopped by the police with possession of a violent weapon. Also that when holding it as i am prone to the odd mistake, i could have misplaced it somewhere and could have deeply hurt someone in the process, So I bought a fake knife so none of theese issues arose.

Down the Alley- As it was very dark we had to make sure the torch was on at all times, because there could have been all sorts on the floor such as glass and if we slipped we could of been hurt severely. Also we could have been vulnerable to any old stranger on the street, we checked the floor mainly for dog poo with the torch so we didn't hurt ourselves.

Walking around- As i looked like a hitch hiker with a camera, torch and two bags on my back, we had to be careful in case we got attacked by anyone on the streets as it was dark and we was in Cheshunt it wouldn't seem unusual if that happened, so we made sure we stuck together so we had less chance of being attacked.

The ending- As it was very dark and we was on a massive field with one torch between 3 of us, we were extremely vulnerable to any one who felt free to attack us, but also if we slipped their could of been any forms of danger on the floor so we made sure we thoroughly checked the ground on which was acting and filming.

Vladimir Propp's functions

  1. Here are Vladimir 31 functions, Vladimir was Soviet formalist scholar who analyzed the basic plot components of Russian folk tales to identify their simplest irreducible narrative elements. Our film applies some of these functions in the opening of our film, most of them about the villain but none about the hero as our film is an horror, there is no room for heroic acts in the opening 3 minutes of our film otherwise it wouldn't be scary. Also why their is no heroic acts in the opening clip of our film, is because we need to portray the villain to be sinister as then it shows that he is a serial killer and he commits murders in Appleby street frequently, so the film title has relevance to the film as that is where all the murders occur. We left the film with a cliff hanger so the rest of the films story line could be interpreted differently with these functions being applied.

Using Vladimir Propp's theories on fairytales, we first had to establish each of his "characters".

The villain: Was me, as the man in the mask.

The victim: First of all the victim was my other character, who is seen lying dead on the floor in the opening minutes. But this could be interpreted as the victim was Aimee as we left the film on the cliff hanger and they way we have portrayed her in the opening minutes as being indecisive with the birds tweeting on her veryyyyy long walk, that its inevitable that she will be destroyed. Or that she will manage to get away from the killer. But as we have named the film "Appleby Street" it symbolizes that what we have portrayed in the opening minutes with me dying that this is the Villains lair and the death highlights the cycle what occurs with the villain and his victims down Appleby street, so their will be plenty of more victims in till the ending of our film.

The hero: As we have left the film with different interpretations the possible options could be that Aimee survives the first confrontation by managing to escape. Then her or a friend/boy friend or a relative manages to overpower the villain and destroy him. Or their could be no hero and the film finishes with the villain continuing his acts down Appleby Street.

The functions which are applied in our opening minutes or could be in the ending of our film

Interdiction: Despite Ben's questioning of the journey they are taking to the party, Aimee neglects Ben's views and is obvious is in complete control then leads him through the alley and the fields.

Violation of interdiction: Ben goes through with Aimee's demands, which leads to him dying. Whereas he may have survived if he went the safe way to the party.

Recconnaissance:This could be interpreted that our film applied this function, with the torch scene as the two may have not gone down the alley which lead to the field if their was not a torch on the floor. Which was strangely on, which could imply that the villain planted the torch on the start of the alley so the victims would find their way to him making his life easier.

Complicity: That he waited till the two character departed, then killed Ben who made a sound whilst dying so he could get Aimee to come to Ben's dead body then have her on her own so he can then strike her as well.

Begging counter action- This is not in our opening scene, but with the interpretation of Aimee escaping, she will then go and seek revenge,

Receipt: Aimee compensates with others who have lost friends/relative to the villain and sets up an alliance against him.

Struggle: As the alliance is formed, a member dies which leaves all the blame on Aimee and the alliance begin to disintegrate which leaves not a lot of hope. 

Victory: That they would finally abolish the villain, but this would only happen if Aimee escapes, otherwise the villain would continue to kill and would not be defeated.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Appleby Survey Boys Vs girls how they compare

Would you like there to be blood involved?

Yes 7

No 0

Don’t mind 0



Don't mind:0

In comparison they are slightly different, but still the majority on both of them are to involve blood so from both answers we are going to decide to involve blood in our film but as their is a minority who feel their shall be no blood we shall just make the blood not to a significant amount.

Would you prefer the film to be carried out in light, dark or both?

Dark 3

Light 0

Both 4

Dark: 2


Both: 4

They are both have similar answers, so from an average the target auidence would like us to include both light and dark which is perfect as we were going to apply pathetic phallacy with the lighting of the sky reflecting the characters moods and emotions, which means it would be suitable to apply due to the answers we have gained.

Would you like backing track in the movie?

Yes 5

No 2

Don’t mind 0

Yes 5

No 2

Don't mind: o

Both views are exactly the same on this answer, with the majority claiming they would like a backing track, which we means we will try and put in as many soundtracks in as possible, but to try and keep every one satisfied we will remain some clips with out soundtrack so the people who claimed that they don't want soundtracks in can enjoy the film.

What would you like the villain to wear in the movie?

Don’t mind 2

Mask 3

Other: Mask with a knife
• Dark clothes with a cape

Don't mind: 4

Other: where Mask, mask and knife and mask and cape

They have some similarities and differences in comparison, but as an average i think we need our villain to wear a mask, but we could easily put any piece of clothing as the majority of the answer was don't mind so their is not a specific look which we should go for.

Do you reckon there should be a lot of dialogue involved?

Yes 5

No 2

Don’t mind 0



Don't mind:1

In both the majority is for dialogue, so we are going to apply some dialogue so it fulfill the needs of the public.

In our opening 2-3 minutes would you like there to be any survivors?

Yes 2

No 5



These answers are completely different which has left us in a sticky situation, initially both character were going to die, but know we are going to differ the situation so that the end of our 3 minutes finishes with a confrontation between the villain and Aimee, so that the ending can be interpreted that in the rest of the film Aimee will die in that confrontation or that she will manage to run away which will suit both answers.

Shall we name the villain?

No 5

Yes 2

Don’t mind 0



Don't mind:1

This answer is more simple as both of the answers are near enough the same, so if the public feel we shouldn't name the villain there is no point trying to give it a name.

How often do you see horrors?

Often 4

Rarely 3

Never 0

Often 4

Rarely 3

Never 0

The answers we gained from this question were exactly the same which is great news as the majority of our target auidence watch our theme of film often so that means we have picked a good target auidence for our film.

Girls survey for Appleby Street

We have already completed a survey of 7 boys, so to make it a fair questionnaire we needed to complete a test with 7 girls as well so we can get an average public response to our questionnaire, as our target auidence is 15 and above we asked 14 teenagers ranging from 15-19.

Question 1: Would you like there to be blood involved?

Question 2: Would you prefer the film to be carried out in light, dark or contain both?

Question 3: Would you like backing track in the movie?

Question 4: What would you like the villain to wear?

Question 5: Do you reckon there should be a lot of dialogue involved?

Question 6: In our opening 2-3 minutes would you like there to be any survivors?

Question 7: Shall we name the villain?

Question 8: How often do you see horrors?

Question 1: Yes: 4 No: 3 Don't mind:0

Question 2: Dark:2 Light:1 Both:4

Question 3: Yes:5 Nope:2 Don't mind:0

Question 4: Don't mind: 4 and the other responses where Mask, mask and knife and mask and cape

Question 5: Nope:2 Yes:4 Don't mind:1

Question 6: Nope:2 Yes:5

Question 7: Yes:2 No:4 Don't mind:1

Question 8: Often:4 Rarely:3 Never:0

Questionnaire part 2

This is the second question which i asked to the 5 boys and 5 girl

Did you like the part of the film where my character died? and why?

Harry: I thought it was really good, especially the part where it went into detail of the wound on your neck and the effect you used gave it an effect which exaggerated the death which created tension.

Rosie: It was really good because the death created tension.

Ben: It was good because it saddened the mood and created tension but the wound needed to be clearer.

Lauren: It wasn't really that scary because their was not enough blood in the scene, and i would prefer to see the death rather then just a grunt and then a shot of him dead.

James: I thought it was really good, especially the soundtrack which went extremely well with the scene because it created tension and revealed that the two characters were week.

Jess: I thought it was a really good end to the opening scene and i like the effect of the fuzzy camera on your character, annoyed me tho that they split up although it made it more scary.

Alex: Wasn't very scary needed to reveal the villain more.

Holly: it was very scary, and i really liked the shot of Aimee running because the music fitted in perfectly with it.

Jake: Thought this scene was your best and most sinister scene, it really was a good use of tension building because throughout the film it gets a bit scarier each time and then as soon as you reach the fields its the begging of the end.

Zara: It was very good and scary because the effect made it feel like the killing was not over, but maybe have a better ending.

This is also a gave me some extremely useful information because we have built the opening 2 minutes up so the last minute of our film will be at its most sinister and we applied pathetic phallacy and mood progression to try and highlight this to the auidence. What this questionnaire gave me was where we stand at the moment with our last and most important scene. The majority gave a severely positive answer, for example "tension building" which we tried so hard to try and create, "beginning of the end" which signifies the inevitability of the downfall and the vulnerability which we also tried to apply, "i like the effect of the fuzzy camera" meaning Bad Film on Final Cut Pro which as editor is very good news because this is an effect which i put into try and give the shot an sufficient effect. but there was also some criticisms from the minority, which we will still take into account "Wound needed to be clearer" i am going to have a talk with the rest of my teem and see if we need to recreate this scene or if its good enough to sat in the scene.

As editor this information is very important to my work because the last scene i had to edit loads to try and create as much tension as possible. So these answers can tell me what level progress i am on compared to the target audiences needs and then how we can improve it to fulfill their needs.

A questionnaire of our latest update 5 boys and 5 girls

5 Boys:
Ben K

5 girls:

1.What do you think about the production and studio company names?

Harry: I think the Sphinx Studio label had a better effect that the Kwirk, didn't like the "Kwirk productions" sound in the background.

Rosie: I liked the Sphinx Studios because of the background and the writing looked like blood which made it quite scary.

Ben: I like both of them, they both were unexpected which makes the film already seem quite sinister

Lauren: I loved the Studio name because it took me by surprise, I like the production label name but just need to tighten the sound.

James: I really liked the first 1 because it was tension building, but the second one didn't have the same effect.

Jess: I preferred the Kwirk productions because the sound made it more sinister, need more sound for the sphinx.

Jake: I didn't really like either of them, they didn't really build up tension, need better soundtrack.

Holly: The Sphinx studios was very unexpected and made me jump whereas Kwirk didn't have the same effect, Kwirk needs a different sound.

Alex: They were both really unexpected and sinister , just make the Kwirk productions then the laugh more clearer and then i think it will have a better effect.

Zara: They were reasonably good but didn't make me scared so it didn't wantt me to watch on, i feel that the Studio company name had to much more of an effect than the production label, maybe even them out.

From an conclusion, form these 10 results the majority said they thought there were good, especially the Studio name but their was one who said they didn't like either. This result helped us tremendously because the majority liked "Sphinx Studios", "took me by surprise" that was the effect we wanted it to have because it creates suspense also "tension building" this was also the effect we wanted to gain because all horror films apply tension building so we will keep this clip of Sphinx Studios for definite. We received mixed results from our production label but most of them said they liked it but it was not as good as the studio label so we are going to have to edit the sound either re record the soundtrack or tighten up the sound or the other solution is to get another soundtrack in the background but we do need to apply a soundtrack because in the other survey we received an answer of the majority that they want a soundtrack in their horror film.

So we are going to carry on editing our film tomorrow, as editor i need these results so i can understand what they target auidence think of our initial company labels and how we applied them to our film because i need to how i can improve it to fulfill their needs.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

sequence of shots for each scene

The first shot of our film is a shot of the Appleby Street road sign, because it highlights the name of the film but also symbolizes that Appleby will be a main setting of the film. What we have done to create effect for the opening scene "Bad film" effect on Final Cut Pro. In terms of cinematography the problems we initially had were that we could not keep the camera still, so it looked like a point of view shot. But "bad film" stop that problem from frequently occurring.

This is the next shot in the scene, where my character will be waiting on the hill. This gives us the chance to introduce the characters, in this shot we introduced my character with text edited into the image on Final Cut Pro. But also we want to use the effect of mood progression and the use of pathetic phallacy which we can apply both to this shot as the lighting is reasonably light and also is not a sinister looking shot.The problem in terms of cinematography was to not get any continuity errors because the first day we filmed there, their was a giant skip behind the pole so we had to assure that was always there when we filmed there. 

This shot is where we introduce the character of "Aimee Bracebridge", we also used "text" on final cut pro to converge into first shot of Aimee to show that we will be the main characters in the film. With this shot it is uphill to represent that from know on the journey will get significantly more sinister, which helps us apply the mood progression and is also symobilized by how fast the lighting of the sequence is darkened. In terms of cinematography we had to make sure their was no random people in the background and that the cars stayed in the same place when we filmed.

This is the following shot after we have introduced the two characters, This shot applies poetic phallacy because tension is starting to rise which is reflected by the dim sky. Aimee and Ben will be walking down this road approaching the alley. This shot also represents the journey which we are going to apply video transitions in so it looks like time is passing. In terms of cinematography we had to make sure that me and Aimee were always on the same side when filming so there where no continuity errors.

This is a shot of the alley way which, we are going going to use for a shot reverse shot from the characters point of view, so the expressions on their faces are summed up by their view of the sinister alleyway. It also shows that so far the film has been tension building to create the inevitability that something will go wrong. We had to make sure that me and Aimee were always on the same side down the alley so we didn't have no cinematography errors.

This is a further shot down the alley, we created this scene so we can involve some quick reaction shots so that it reflects the characters moods and emotions and that the alley is a very sinister setting and will be involved highly after the opening 3 minutes of our film. In terms of cinematography we had to make  sure that the two characters clearly in the picture applying the rule of thirds, so that we can reveal their emotions through their expressions.

This is the end of part of the alley, we used this shot to represent the characters downfall because they have an option to take the roads instead of going down the alley which leads them to the field but they continue to go down the alley on to the next alley to represent that their is no turning back and the inevitability is deeming to become more and more present to the viewer. We had to make sure it was clear that we was going to go from one alley to the other
This is a shot to show the characters option for an attempt of survival because it can either lead them down the horrid path or they can take the safe option and go down the road in the light with the public which would leave them in a path which would lessen the probability of them meeting the villain. We created this shot because in all the horrors in which we studied the victim will always be left with an option for example leave the house instead of walking up the stairs but they always neglect the opportunity and walk in the villains path. In terms of cinematography we had to assure that you could see the faces of the two as they would express the emotions and moods.

This shot is to show that they have continued to take the horrid path to the party other than the safe option, which gives us the opportunity to use shots such as close up so that the characters emotions are revealed to the auidence but also the opportunity to create tension. We had to show that the alley was straight on to symbolize a journey and we had to assure that we were on the correct sides so we did not face any continuity errors.

This is the end of the alley, and we applied this shot so the auidence can see how the journey of the alleyway was, which will be revealed from the charcters expressions we could make them adjetated etc. In terms of cinematography we had to make sure we applied a mid shot to show the motion in what we are moving.

This is the start of the field, this shot represents the vulnerability of the characters and that when they enter the field it is inevitable that something horrific will happen, but we also applied this shot because when they approach the field they are together and that if they disintegrate (which they do) they will stand no chance.

This is a shot to show that its the begging of the end and once they have gone past the gate their is no way back and its start to come clear through their expressions that they unfortunately know it as well for example the close up reveals the scared look upon her face,

This is just a shot of the field to show that this is where the killing takes place, but also that this is the villains lair and that it will be a significant part in the whole film if the film would have carried on. But it also represents the fact that teenagers are vulnerable in every day situation because although it looks safe their could be any one anywhere hiding and if you cannot see then you are in an unfortunate position, In terms of cinematography we had to assure that we could see the character through the rule of thirds so that the auidence could see the characters not just the surroundings.