Monday, 2 April 2012

Girls survey for Appleby Street

We have already completed a survey of 7 boys, so to make it a fair questionnaire we needed to complete a test with 7 girls as well so we can get an average public response to our questionnaire, as our target auidence is 15 and above we asked 14 teenagers ranging from 15-19.

Question 1: Would you like there to be blood involved?

Question 2: Would you prefer the film to be carried out in light, dark or contain both?

Question 3: Would you like backing track in the movie?

Question 4: What would you like the villain to wear?

Question 5: Do you reckon there should be a lot of dialogue involved?

Question 6: In our opening 2-3 minutes would you like there to be any survivors?

Question 7: Shall we name the villain?

Question 8: How often do you see horrors?

Question 1: Yes: 4 No: 3 Don't mind:0

Question 2: Dark:2 Light:1 Both:4

Question 3: Yes:5 Nope:2 Don't mind:0

Question 4: Don't mind: 4 and the other responses where Mask, mask and knife and mask and cape

Question 5: Nope:2 Yes:4 Don't mind:1

Question 6: Nope:2 Yes:5

Question 7: Yes:2 No:4 Don't mind:1

Question 8: Often:4 Rarely:3 Never:0

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