Thursday, 12 April 2012

Halloween Inspiration

In the start of the film to introduce the titles "director", "producer" etc they used a simple black background and then used orange writing which is normally bright but darkened the orange. So they could distinguish the writing from the background but still keep it sinister. They were all positioned in the center of the picture to show they all contributed a significant amount.

They transitions they used were "fade in fade out", mostly in introduction of the film, with the "producer" etc to show that times passing but also so the words do not pop up straight away they take time to introduce to keep the flow and rhythm going. Also they used a transition called "dissolve" at the part of the "end of the tunnel" and then dissolved /into the man by the door.

The camera angle on Mike Myers is usually a "body shot", so you can see the whole picture, which reveals his masculinity what makes him more sinister because and the victims more vulnerable as he has a physical advantage. Narrative is also defined by the fact that Mike Myers reveals no emotion, shown through the constant "close ups" on his mask. When he kill the person with the knife he doesn't even flinch on the "body shot", which reveals to the auidence that he has done this before and will carry on which makes the character of Mike Myers iconic.

Camera angles used: They used a "extreme" long shot to show the character of Mike Myers through the window of the lady whom is looking out of the window.
A "long shot" on the man policeman, with the torch.
Camera movement: "Tracking", this occurred a few times the first one occurred at the very start when they was walking down the tunnel.
"Pan shot" this was the shot at the massive building moving horizontally right ways.
They "eye line shot" was used in the "Tracking shot" down the tunnel because it looked like it was a "point of view shot" from someone walking down the tunnel.
Body shot: There was many body shots most of them being on the character Mike Myers.
"Close up" was used on the mask of Mike Myers so the definition of the mask was clear.
"Extreme Close Up" was used when the tracking shot went on the door, through the key hole then straight into the boy with the mask on.

The main focus of the film film was the revealing of the character of Mike Myers, the tale of his "resurrection" and the horrible acts he is capable of when he kills the "policemen". Also the connection between Mike and his sister and that she is not really ill she is looking at the window for a reason.

Editing has been used in this film especially for reaction shots, when something sinister is occurring for example when the policemen dies the editor uses quick and repetitive shots so it creates suspense. Also the editor uses video filters using "slow motion"on Mike Myers with the paramedic outfit on to give the auidence enough time to realize that it's not really a paramedic.

Mise en Scene has been used to a significant amount to create suspense, for example the clothing of the character of Mike Myers he has got the symbolic "Mask" which makes him look dangerous. Also the props he consume for example the "knife" it makes it inevitable that a death is going to occur. The lighting is significantly important to contain the horror theme because the "torch" represents that the "policemen" is vulnerable and in a dark place, but also the light which on the policemen revealing his shadow promotes suspense as it is clear he is in view of Mike Myers and the inevitability that his going to die.

What happens in the opening is that the character of Mike Myers is introduced more cruel than ever. Then his sister is seen to be apparently ill which we know that she isn't so we know that she knows that she did not kill the right Mike and that's whats on her mind as she is constantly looking out the mirror to Mike.

I think this is extremely effective because it reveals how bad Mike Myers as a character is and leaves the auidence with an idea that Mike and the sister will be re united which leaves the auidence to wanna watch on.

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