Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Health and safety

As we are film was a horror there was some health and safety issues which arose, i will take you through them an  describe how will dealt with them. As we did not see the attack on my character,  we avoided the most significant health and safety issue which would have been physical contact. Most of the health and safety issues took place on the shots which we didn't use.

Villains accessories- The villain had a knife in the ending shot, which you could unfortunately not see. But we had to make sure it was a fake plastic knife because otherwise we could have been stopped by the police with possession of a violent weapon. Also that when holding it as i am prone to the odd mistake, i could have misplaced it somewhere and could have deeply hurt someone in the process, So I bought a fake knife so none of theese issues arose.

Down the Alley- As it was very dark we had to make sure the torch was on at all times, because there could have been all sorts on the floor such as glass and if we slipped we could of been hurt severely. Also we could have been vulnerable to any old stranger on the street, we checked the floor mainly for dog poo with the torch so we didn't hurt ourselves.

Walking around- As i looked like a hitch hiker with a camera, torch and two bags on my back, we had to be careful in case we got attacked by anyone on the streets as it was dark and we was in Cheshunt it wouldn't seem unusual if that happened, so we made sure we stuck together so we had less chance of being attacked.

The ending- As it was very dark and we was on a massive field with one torch between 3 of us, we were extremely vulnerable to any one who felt free to attack us, but also if we slipped their could of been any forms of danger on the floor so we made sure we thoroughly checked the ground on which was acting and filming.

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