Sunday, 15 April 2012

Initial Audience

Initial Audience

Our “initial” idea for our film was with “Jacob” included in the film with a major role with the film from his point of view. We got this idea from our “initial inspirations” such as “paranormal activity”. This is where we got our “initial” target audience from as the “paranormal activity” was a bit hit among our peers and we followed that film in terms of “audience”.

We tried to keep the audience as diverse as possible so we made sure it was targeted at boys and girls, this is why in both surveys we made sure we asked the same amount of boys and girls so we can get an average answer by considering both views. Although we changed our “initial idea” we continued to keep our Target audience is 15-25. The reason for doing this most of the horror target audience are for 18s and above, but as we do not have any excessive scenes during our film we are going to use this as an advantage by applying a target audience as young as 15 so we have a wider range of an target audience.

Also as all three of us are of an age range of 16-17, it will be much easier to test surveys on our peers to gain a beneficial survey results as they will be able to tell us what we need to achieve to fulfil our Target audience needs. Also as we are in the age range of the target audience, we have a rough idea of what we need to include to make a successful Horror film in our eyes. We can also pick inspirations for our film due to which are seen as successful films among our peers.

We also think that the age range of 15-25 wold be the suitable for our film, because we frequently watch Horrors ourselves and so do our mates. Also during our first survey, we asked our target audience “how often do you watch horrors” and we got a positive feedback from both the boys and the girls. With the popular answer being “often”, so we feel our “initial target audience” was suitable through the answers we gained from our survey.

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