Saturday, 28 April 2012

Media day, Question 3

What do you think of the use of Editing?

We had 74 participants, who answered this question. As editor this question is the most important to me, because my job is to please the audience through the use of editing. I done several forms of editing, for example i put in series of soundtracks "beautifull melody", "birds tweeting", "suspense accents " and "thunder roll" which were all available on 'Garage Band'. But also i had to deal with putting in all the 'video transitions', for example: 'fade in fade out' and video filters such as 'Bad film'. But my most favorable piece of editing (which took me ages to complete), was the shot of the sky changing darkness, the 'time lapse shot. The 'time lapse' shot was my favorite part because it revealed time was passing, also applying pathetic fallacy which creates suspense. The reason we applied this clip is because we were missing a clip to show that time was passing, so that we could apply Pathetic fallacy and mood progression. How i edited this shot was by converting a shot which was about 45 minutes duration, to become a shot which then lasted 10 seconds. How i done this was cut the first part of the clip where the darkness of the sky wasn't changing. then i converted the rest of the shot on 'motion' to '%3002'.

These are the results of the 74 participants we gained:
 52 positive answers
 9 negatives
 13 neutrals.

I am severely happy with the results which were gained from all participants, as the way mostly positive with only 9 negatives, which is significantly more than which we thought we was going to gain. Although i am very happy with the results we received, there seems to be a significant amount of room for improvement, which is also positive because i can use this constructively so the next time i edit i can extend the ability of editing to fulfill more audience needs, which is to contain creative shots, as our audience is 15-25, we need to keep them entertained, as they can become easily bored.

Example comments:
"i like the shot of the sky, to show times passing."
"i like the use of the transitions."
"the soundtracks used, are very effective."

and some negative comments:
"their were to many transitions."
"the sound levels were not appropriate."

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  1. Morning. Right then. This first comment can be applied to any post - have a general proof read. Try reading your posts out loud to check spelling, punctuation and grammar. Band 4 wants excellent communication, so a quick check of each post will help.

    What do you think was most effective about your time lapse shot? Why did you decide to include it?

    What are these "audience needs" you're hoping to fulfil?