Thursday, 26 April 2012

Media day, Question on the best part of the film?

On our media day we asked an extended question, which was; What was your favourite part of the film?

We gained many answers from the 74 participants, the answers were very varied which symbolizes that their were many parts of the film which were effective, what is extremely good as we need to keep the audience entertained throughout our film to make it an substatnially good film, for example our inspiration "Vacancy" the auidence were on edge throughout because the scenes were all effective through the use of editing and varied camera angles.

The answers which we gained on our media open day were:
"The ending were Ben died." (Thanks guys)
"The bit were the killer was introduced, it was scary."
"You kidding me"(:D Great acting by me... not)
"When the piano started playing, this was most effective"
"The shot of the clouds."

Theese where the most popular answers which we gained with most of them being "The bit where Ben died." This was very pleasing to hear because this was the scene which alot of effort was put in, for example we used a soundtrack of 'Gararge Band' and used effects such as 'Bad film' which helped create the effect of building tension. Most of them being parts of the ending was also very good because the techniques which we tried to use where; Pathetic fallacy, mood progression and buling tension, the ending being the auidence favourite bit means that the techniques we used were more effective as it lead up to the ending which was then more sinister when it happened which ties into the conventions of a horror.

Also as editor to see that "The shot of the clouds" was effective is extremely pleasing, because this was initially a missing clip due to the time differences in terms of the darkness of the sky, which caused us a massive problem. I tried several different solutions to try and fit in the missing clip but problems kept arising, so then i took a shot out of my window to the sky which was about 45 minutes long and then converted to about 10 seconds on 'Final Cut Pro'. Then put a soundtrack of a 'Thunder roll' on top of the clip, which also took alot of time to render and then export to youtube. So this comment is very thankfull as it shows that the clip of the sky fulfill it needs we initially wanted it too.

For me the part of our film which is most successful is when my character died, because up till this point we tried to create suspense and tension through the use of camera angles and editing. At this point of the film, this is where editing is most used, for example the 'bad film' on my character who is dead on the floor, this exaggerated the death of my character creating suspense.

The part of the play which for me was the least successful was the alley way, because i do not feel a narrative was established at this point, for example the dialogue does not match the scene, the conversation about the killer does is not established properly as the alley way and torch have no relevance to the killer.


  1. Check the spelling of 'fallacy' Ben. A phallus is a penis, and 'phallucy' sounds like an adjectival form thereof. Better change it.

  2. Ah, and one of the things I've mentioned in the above post is covered here.

    What do you think the best part of the film was and why and what part are you least pleased with why?