Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Media evaluation day, question 2

This is question 2, and 73 participants took answered this question.

The question was: How do you think the film fitted in with the conventions of the genre? (our genre being Horror)

Our Genre being horror, so the conventions of a horror, would normally consist of someone dying, applying a villain and at least one victim who is vulnerable. The conventions of horror can be seen similarly to the conventions of tragedy derived from Aristotle, for example how we applied Aristotle's convention of tragedy 'casual links' which consists of the 'probable' becoming 'inevitable' which is used when the ccharacter of Ben dies, Aimee's death is inevitable. 

Again the answers which we received were significantly positive, which you can see in our pie chart. The answers which we gained  were:
Positives: 57
Negatives: 7
Neutrals: 9

We were very thankful for the answers which we gained form evaluation day, because it gave us a better insight into how our film had met the conventions of tragedy. 57 answered positively which means that we done fairly well which is impressive as it was very hard to fulfill the conventions of a horror as the camera which we used for our film was not of great quality when it comes to filming in the dark, which means we couldn't apply the footage we initially wished to film. Although the answers were not as positive as question 1, as a group we are very happy with the feedback we received.

Some comments from participants:
"Yes, as it was very scary."
"Yes because tension was built."
"Yes because the music created suspense."

Comments which were negative:
"No because it wasn't scary at all, needed more tension."
"No, as the villain was not introduced as being scary."

What we can take back from the negative feedback is a better insight into what we done wrong in terms of applying the conventions of the horror, which will help us evaluate our film and how we could improve it to make the theme apply the conventions of a horror.

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  1. The conventions of a "tragedy"? Is this just a slip from your Lit coursework mindset? Guessing so, unless you've tried to include some anagnorisis, cataharsis, peripetea et al in there!

    What do you think you could have done to turn those two negative comments you've highlighted into positives?