Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mike Myers, Halloween inspiration

This is where the inspiration for the use of the mask in our film came from. In the film Halloween, the main character was a tall hateful man and for a short part of the film he was a youngster with hatred. Mike had an obsession with masks, he created "many when he was in the asylum". This started from a very young age with the clown "mask".

Why we found this to be an inspiration for our film because the mask of Mike Myers was symbolic to the film, when the film Halloween is mentioned the instant imagery would be mike Myers' mask. In this clip they said its "iconic" because its the thought what actually goes on "beyond the mask", it is easier for the character to show he is motionless with a mask on because it never reveals a smile which symbolizes that the character is full of hatred. As we are not the best actors we thought it would be perfect to where a mask because we will reveal emotions better through the mask and it would also make me look more sinister.

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