Saturday, 14 April 2012

Our latest video

This is our latest video; we have made these changes due to the feedback we received from our survey.  Basing on the question “what would you improve?”  We got positive feedback from the other questions as well but we found this question to be the most important because we are acknowledging the audiences demands of our film in the process it is in this moment of time.
The most popular issue which was answered by our survey participants was the fact that “Kwirk Productions” was not loud enough or not the right soundtrack which we should apply to the image. We just made the soundtrack which was recorded via “Garage Band” with the effect of “Male deeper vocals” louder so the vocals are clearly conveyed to the audience. The problems we faced with this was we couldn’t properly define how loud the sound would come out because the first couple of times we put this soundtrack on “Final cut pro”, the loudness of the soundtrack seemed clear enough but when we converted the film via “quick time conversion” on “Final cut pro” so that the movie would be in Mov format. Then once it had been converted he sound of the clip was not as loud as it was on “Final cut”. The reason we done this was because during our survey research, when we asked what do you think is “wrong with it” and how would you “improve it”, to sort out the loudness of “Kwirk” was a popular answer and we agreed with the participants so we applied ths.
The part after Ben shouts “come on were going to be late”, then we meet at the lamppost. The sound level of the dialogue was to quiet and the sound of the wind overpowered the dialogue. We came up with several different solutions for this problem, but the solutions made us face some other problems. For example we thought this would be an easy situation, we would just tighten up the sound levels of the clip so that the loudness of the dialogue would increase. Then when we tried this, the problem we faced was that the clip itself contained too much levels of wind in the background. So then you could still not properly hear the dialogue still. Then we thought, we could try to lower the sound level of the wind we put in “wind 6” of “Garage Band”, but then the flow of the sequence did not go with the scene. As the levels of wind was reasonably high, shown with the wind pushing against Aimee’s hood,  then the wind went quite in the same scene, it didn’t match. Then the last solution worked to the best ability out of all 3 solutions. The solutions was to use “cut” on the “toolbar” of “Final cut pro” to “cut” the clip where the dialogue was involved and then increase the sound slightly so the dialogue was a tad clearer and the levels of the wind in the short clip was not to different from the rest of the clip what got “cut”.
We have moved the titles which were initially after the confrontation between Aimee and the killer, to the start after introducing the characters to “Starring”. The reason we done this was because during our survey research, when we asked what do you think is “wrong with it” and how would you “improve it” the most popular answer was that the ending looked like “credits”, and I “presume you are going to carry on” so we took it into account and decided to act on it. So we got rid of the still image of the woods, although it was a really good image. So moved the sequence from “Final cut pro”, which was created to put in the background of the image of the woods. We then put the sequence into the start of the movie, after the “starring” of the two characters, to keep the flow going. The transitions we used are “Fade in Fade out”, which is available for us on “Final cut pro” so that the flow of time passing was carried on. The problems which arose from this were that the sequence we copied from the end was too large for the scene which we put it in. So we used “cut” again from the “tool bar” to shorten each of the titles so that the sequence fit in with the scene.
The middle scene is still not finished yet unfortunately; we have applied a clip to fit in between the scene where it is light and then all off sudden dark. The reason we want to do this is because otherwise it does not look realistic. So we have come up with a clip of the sky for about an hour, but then through the use of “Final cut pro” we have made it so the video is about 10 seconds long. We have applied this video so the audience can see time has passed.

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