Monday, 2 April 2012

A questionnaire of our latest update 5 boys and 5 girls

5 Boys:
Ben K

5 girls:

1.What do you think about the production and studio company names?

Harry: I think the Sphinx Studio label had a better effect that the Kwirk, didn't like the "Kwirk productions" sound in the background.

Rosie: I liked the Sphinx Studios because of the background and the writing looked like blood which made it quite scary.

Ben: I like both of them, they both were unexpected which makes the film already seem quite sinister

Lauren: I loved the Studio name because it took me by surprise, I like the production label name but just need to tighten the sound.

James: I really liked the first 1 because it was tension building, but the second one didn't have the same effect.

Jess: I preferred the Kwirk productions because the sound made it more sinister, need more sound for the sphinx.

Jake: I didn't really like either of them, they didn't really build up tension, need better soundtrack.

Holly: The Sphinx studios was very unexpected and made me jump whereas Kwirk didn't have the same effect, Kwirk needs a different sound.

Alex: They were both really unexpected and sinister , just make the Kwirk productions then the laugh more clearer and then i think it will have a better effect.

Zara: They were reasonably good but didn't make me scared so it didn't wantt me to watch on, i feel that the Studio company name had to much more of an effect than the production label, maybe even them out.

From an conclusion, form these 10 results the majority said they thought there were good, especially the Studio name but their was one who said they didn't like either. This result helped us tremendously because the majority liked "Sphinx Studios", "took me by surprise" that was the effect we wanted it to have because it creates suspense also "tension building" this was also the effect we wanted to gain because all horror films apply tension building so we will keep this clip of Sphinx Studios for definite. We received mixed results from our production label but most of them said they liked it but it was not as good as the studio label so we are going to have to edit the sound either re record the soundtrack or tighten up the sound or the other solution is to get another soundtrack in the background but we do need to apply a soundtrack because in the other survey we received an answer of the majority that they want a soundtrack in their horror film.

So we are going to carry on editing our film tomorrow, as editor i need these results so i can understand what they target auidence think of our initial company labels and how we applied them to our film because i need to how i can improve it to fulfill their needs.

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