Monday, 2 April 2012

Questionnaire part 2

This is the second question which i asked to the 5 boys and 5 girl

Did you like the part of the film where my character died? and why?

Harry: I thought it was really good, especially the part where it went into detail of the wound on your neck and the effect you used gave it an effect which exaggerated the death which created tension.

Rosie: It was really good because the death created tension.

Ben: It was good because it saddened the mood and created tension but the wound needed to be clearer.

Lauren: It wasn't really that scary because their was not enough blood in the scene, and i would prefer to see the death rather then just a grunt and then a shot of him dead.

James: I thought it was really good, especially the soundtrack which went extremely well with the scene because it created tension and revealed that the two characters were week.

Jess: I thought it was a really good end to the opening scene and i like the effect of the fuzzy camera on your character, annoyed me tho that they split up although it made it more scary.

Alex: Wasn't very scary needed to reveal the villain more.

Holly: it was very scary, and i really liked the shot of Aimee running because the music fitted in perfectly with it.

Jake: Thought this scene was your best and most sinister scene, it really was a good use of tension building because throughout the film it gets a bit scarier each time and then as soon as you reach the fields its the begging of the end.

Zara: It was very good and scary because the effect made it feel like the killing was not over, but maybe have a better ending.

This is also a gave me some extremely useful information because we have built the opening 2 minutes up so the last minute of our film will be at its most sinister and we applied pathetic phallacy and mood progression to try and highlight this to the auidence. What this questionnaire gave me was where we stand at the moment with our last and most important scene. The majority gave a severely positive answer, for example "tension building" which we tried so hard to try and create, "beginning of the end" which signifies the inevitability of the downfall and the vulnerability which we also tried to apply, "i like the effect of the fuzzy camera" meaning Bad Film on Final Cut Pro which as editor is very good news because this is an effect which i put into try and give the shot an sufficient effect. but there was also some criticisms from the minority, which we will still take into account "Wound needed to be clearer" i am going to have a talk with the rest of my teem and see if we need to recreate this scene or if its good enough to sat in the scene.

As editor this information is very important to my work because the last scene i had to edit loads to try and create as much tension as possible. So these answers can tell me what level progress i am on compared to the target audiences needs and then how we can improve it to fulfill their needs.

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