Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Results from Media open day

Thankfully we recieved a set of results Question one 1 was:
 Was the setting appropriate?

We had 74 participants and the results we recieved were extremeley possitive as we had 67 possitive answers, 1 negative answer and 6 neutral answers.

As our film is a horror, the audience will be analyzing this question in terms of a horror, they would be looking for dark scenes, a villains lair and a place where the victims are seen as vulnerable. Which is shown in our inspiration for our films, for example in 'Vacancy' the victims become vulnerable in the motel, which could also be seen as the villains lair, as all the deaths in Vacancy are performed in that room.

From theese results we gained, we can see that our choice of setting was extremely well placed, meaning that question 1 was a huge success and that the research we done was successful as for example we used "Halloween" as our inspiration, where most of the action was outside. Also the producers of Halloween used pathetic fallacy like us as the mood was always sinister in the scenes where it was dark and outside.

The comments we gained which help show that is was a success were:
"Because it was dark and gloomy."
 "it started not scary, but then the ending setting built tension."
"the darkness of the setting madeit scary."
"use of dark alley created suspense."

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  1. Fallacy again.

    I'd add a paragraph just establishing what the setting conventions of your genre are, just to confirm you know what they are (I know you do, just want to make sure the moderator has as much confidence you know what you're on about as me - there are loads of posts here showing you do but just want to make sure we've taken a belt and braces (and rocket pack and trampoline) approach.