Sunday, 1 April 2012

sequence of shots for each scene

The first shot of our film is a shot of the Appleby Street road sign, because it highlights the name of the film but also symbolizes that Appleby will be a main setting of the film. What we have done to create effect for the opening scene "Bad film" effect on Final Cut Pro. In terms of cinematography the problems we initially had were that we could not keep the camera still, so it looked like a point of view shot. But "bad film" stop that problem from frequently occurring.

This is the next shot in the scene, where my character will be waiting on the hill. This gives us the chance to introduce the characters, in this shot we introduced my character with text edited into the image on Final Cut Pro. But also we want to use the effect of mood progression and the use of pathetic phallacy which we can apply both to this shot as the lighting is reasonably light and also is not a sinister looking shot.The problem in terms of cinematography was to not get any continuity errors because the first day we filmed there, their was a giant skip behind the pole so we had to assure that was always there when we filmed there. 

This shot is where we introduce the character of "Aimee Bracebridge", we also used "text" on final cut pro to converge into first shot of Aimee to show that we will be the main characters in the film. With this shot it is uphill to represent that from know on the journey will get significantly more sinister, which helps us apply the mood progression and is also symobilized by how fast the lighting of the sequence is darkened. In terms of cinematography we had to make sure their was no random people in the background and that the cars stayed in the same place when we filmed.

This is the following shot after we have introduced the two characters, This shot applies poetic phallacy because tension is starting to rise which is reflected by the dim sky. Aimee and Ben will be walking down this road approaching the alley. This shot also represents the journey which we are going to apply video transitions in so it looks like time is passing. In terms of cinematography we had to make sure that me and Aimee were always on the same side when filming so there where no continuity errors.

This is a shot of the alley way which, we are going going to use for a shot reverse shot from the characters point of view, so the expressions on their faces are summed up by their view of the sinister alleyway. It also shows that so far the film has been tension building to create the inevitability that something will go wrong. We had to make sure that me and Aimee were always on the same side down the alley so we didn't have no cinematography errors.

This is a further shot down the alley, we created this scene so we can involve some quick reaction shots so that it reflects the characters moods and emotions and that the alley is a very sinister setting and will be involved highly after the opening 3 minutes of our film. In terms of cinematography we had to make  sure that the two characters clearly in the picture applying the rule of thirds, so that we can reveal their emotions through their expressions.

This is the end of part of the alley, we used this shot to represent the characters downfall because they have an option to take the roads instead of going down the alley which leads them to the field but they continue to go down the alley on to the next alley to represent that their is no turning back and the inevitability is deeming to become more and more present to the viewer. We had to make sure it was clear that we was going to go from one alley to the other
This is a shot to show the characters option for an attempt of survival because it can either lead them down the horrid path or they can take the safe option and go down the road in the light with the public which would leave them in a path which would lessen the probability of them meeting the villain. We created this shot because in all the horrors in which we studied the victim will always be left with an option for example leave the house instead of walking up the stairs but they always neglect the opportunity and walk in the villains path. In terms of cinematography we had to assure that you could see the faces of the two as they would express the emotions and moods.

This shot is to show that they have continued to take the horrid path to the party other than the safe option, which gives us the opportunity to use shots such as close up so that the characters emotions are revealed to the auidence but also the opportunity to create tension. We had to show that the alley was straight on to symbolize a journey and we had to assure that we were on the correct sides so we did not face any continuity errors.

This is the end of the alley, and we applied this shot so the auidence can see how the journey of the alleyway was, which will be revealed from the charcters expressions we could make them adjetated etc. In terms of cinematography we had to make sure we applied a mid shot to show the motion in what we are moving.

This is the start of the field, this shot represents the vulnerability of the characters and that when they enter the field it is inevitable that something horrific will happen, but we also applied this shot because when they approach the field they are together and that if they disintegrate (which they do) they will stand no chance.

This is a shot to show that its the begging of the end and once they have gone past the gate their is no way back and its start to come clear through their expressions that they unfortunately know it as well for example the close up reveals the scared look upon her face,

This is just a shot of the field to show that this is where the killing takes place, but also that this is the villains lair and that it will be a significant part in the whole film if the film would have carried on. But it also represents the fact that teenagers are vulnerable in every day situation because although it looks safe their could be any one anywhere hiding and if you cannot see then you are in an unfortunate position, In terms of cinematography we had to assure that we could see the character through the rule of thirds so that the auidence could see the characters not just the surroundings.

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