Friday, 20 April 2012

Vacancy Inspiration to our film

 How Camera angles have been used to create an engaging opening / develop the narrative / position the viewer; 

To make the audience jump, the camera angles were severely varied so that the audience could gain a perspective of everything around them. This worked to an effect because once the audience have realized the surroundings they can start then making casual links and they are on the edge of their sitting in anxiety to whats going to happen next.

What camera angle and movements have been used; 
Body shot
Overhead shot
Close up
Medium shot
Shot reverse shot
Extreme close up

What the prominent or main focus of the opening is; 
The main focus are the two characters of the man and women, they have introduced the characters with an argument so that when the plot starts to occur it is unexpected. Also the main focus it the motel and how disturbing it is which was shown on the video in the room.

How editing has been used to create an engaging opening / develop the narrative / position the viewer;
Their are several quick cuts between shots which creates suspense, especially at the petrol station where it was completely unexpected (I nearly fell of my chair but that's besides the point), also the sequence was full of short clips which creates suspense as the audience are constantly peeled to the screen because they don't want to miss anythhing because its happening all to fast and then when suspense is created they put in a jumpy bit.

What transitions have been used and why (such as wipe / fade /dissolve / rapid cutting etc); 
There isn't much transitions what have been used in this because they don't want to slow down the flow of the sequence which promotes anxiety. They do use fade in fade out, for the titles etc.

How mise-en-scene has been used to create an engaging opening / develop the narrative / position the viewer;
The mise en scene creates an engaging opening by the use of the clothing, as the clothes which from all the people involved in the film are normal clothes and are is no hint that the people of the motel where involved in such a cruel at. So when the casual links start occuring in the viewers head it is even more unexpected as no one would have expected any of theese.

What happens in the opening;
The two characters run out of petrol, the car then breaks down. So they go to a motel and then they go into one of the rooms and turn on the telly. Where they view a horrible video of a girl being assaulted and then put the links together and realize the room in which they are in is where the assault took place.

How the titles and studio idents have been presented - think about font, colour, position in the shot, length of appearance; 

The titles came up in the end of the opening 2 minutes, the font colour for them all was orange, to show that it stands out. The position of the shot was central to show the "Vacancy" is a key feature for the rest of the film. It was only in the shot for a short period of time.

Why this is an effective opening:
Because they auidence are continuously peeled to the screen, so they we will want to watch on further. The film promotes tremendous amounts of anxiety because of the way have used editing and cinematography to use a varied of shot clips, continuously after the other. The narrative is clearly established which will makes the genre horror portrayed as the narrative is clearly the horrid motel.

This helped us develop Appleby Street, in terms of the plot for example the motel was the villains lair, so we made our film contain a villains lair, which was Appleby Street field. The reason we done this was that it created suspense every time the victims were in there which also created suspense. Also they inspired us, to make the journey to Appleby. In Vacancy, they had several different options but chose to go to the horrid motel. Which we applied in our film as we could have gone many other routes to the party but stupidly choose the most horrid pathway, into the villains path, creating tension.

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  1. If possible can you add in a few screen shots from the film to illustrate your ideas?

    Can you explain the effect of each of the elements of cinematography that you mention?

    Add in a section explaining how this has informed your development of 'Appleby Street'.