Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Vladimir Propp's functions

  1. Here are Vladimir 31 functions, Vladimir was Soviet formalist scholar who analyzed the basic plot components of Russian folk tales to identify their simplest irreducible narrative elements. Our film applies some of these functions in the opening of our film, most of them about the villain but none about the hero as our film is an horror, there is no room for heroic acts in the opening 3 minutes of our film otherwise it wouldn't be scary. Also why their is no heroic acts in the opening clip of our film, is because we need to portray the villain to be sinister as then it shows that he is a serial killer and he commits murders in Appleby street frequently, so the film title has relevance to the film as that is where all the murders occur. We left the film with a cliff hanger so the rest of the films story line could be interpreted differently with these functions being applied.

Using Vladimir Propp's theories on fairytales, we first had to establish each of his "characters".

The villain: Was me, as the man in the mask.

The victim: First of all the victim was my other character, who is seen lying dead on the floor in the opening minutes. But this could be interpreted as the victim was Aimee as we left the film on the cliff hanger and they way we have portrayed her in the opening minutes as being indecisive with the birds tweeting on her veryyyyy long walk, that its inevitable that she will be destroyed. Or that she will manage to get away from the killer. But as we have named the film "Appleby Street" it symbolizes that what we have portrayed in the opening minutes with me dying that this is the Villains lair and the death highlights the cycle what occurs with the villain and his victims down Appleby street, so their will be plenty of more victims in till the ending of our film.

The hero: As we have left the film with different interpretations the possible options could be that Aimee survives the first confrontation by managing to escape. Then her or a friend/boy friend or a relative manages to overpower the villain and destroy him. Or their could be no hero and the film finishes with the villain continuing his acts down Appleby Street.

The functions which are applied in our opening minutes or could be in the ending of our film

Interdiction: Despite Ben's questioning of the journey they are taking to the party, Aimee neglects Ben's views and is obvious is in complete control then leads him through the alley and the fields.

Violation of interdiction: Ben goes through with Aimee's demands, which leads to him dying. Whereas he may have survived if he went the safe way to the party.

Recconnaissance:This could be interpreted that our film applied this function, with the torch scene as the two may have not gone down the alley which lead to the field if their was not a torch on the floor. Which was strangely on, which could imply that the villain planted the torch on the start of the alley so the victims would find their way to him making his life easier.

Complicity: That he waited till the two character departed, then killed Ben who made a sound whilst dying so he could get Aimee to come to Ben's dead body then have her on her own so he can then strike her as well.

Begging counter action- This is not in our opening scene, but with the interpretation of Aimee escaping, she will then go and seek revenge,

Receipt: Aimee compensates with others who have lost friends/relative to the villain and sets up an alliance against him.

Struggle: As the alliance is formed, a member dies which leaves all the blame on Aimee and the alliance begin to disintegrate which leaves not a lot of hope. 

Victory: That they would finally abolish the villain, but this would only happen if Aimee escapes, otherwise the villain would continue to kill and would not be defeated.


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