Monday, 7 May 2012

What have i learned about technologies from the process of constructing our product?

All of the editing done via final cut Pro
The editing which i did:

i cut several shots with the tool bar of 'Final cut pro', so the sequence flowed, creating suspense with rapid cutting, for example through the alley way.
Below is an example of a reaction shot with the character of Ben reacting quickly to Aimee's dialogue creating tension.

Also another form of editing what i used was 'motion'. what i did is a edited the clip which was taken from the Sony Bloggie, which was initially about 45 minutes and then converted it via 'motion' to %3002 which made it about 10 seconds duration. This was used in the 'time lapse shot' to show times passing.

The 'Time lapse shot'
 How  i used Microsoft was by creating a presentation background, then converted into 'Final cut Pro' and applied the image to the sequence.

I used Garage Band various of times, what i done for the Kwirk productions was, i recorded my self saying Kwirk productions and then
edited using deeper vocals, so the backing track was significantly more
 sinister. Then to get onto my sequence i had to convert the soundtrack to
I tunes. From I tunes  i had to import it into Final cut pro. I had to do this
for the other four soundtracks of Garage band, being 'suspense accents'
'tweeting birds', 'thunder roll' and 'beautiful melody'.


The main technology which i used was the Sony bloggie
because this is where the cinematography takes place,
as our Director of photography Jacob was the one in
control over the camera angles with the Bloggie for
 example the 'close up'of Aimee's face created tension
as the audience could clearly see the emotions which
Aimee was consuming.

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