Thursday, 3 May 2012

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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  1. Great post by the way, Ben. All this good or better please! If you have a chance, once all your research and evaluation posts are up to date, have a look at the extended ideas I've stuck up dans le blog - could be worth a go at one of them.

    Good luck to Luton tonight.

    While I'm here I'm going to be massively annoying and ask if you can at some point - not massively pressing but something to make the moderator's life easier if you find a spare 30 mins to have a relaxing spot of editing - go through all your blog posts and add the label 'research and planning' to any posts that give evidence of your planning (I'm guessing it is pretty much the ones with the 'Appleby Coursework' labels and maybe a few others but not 100% certain). Apologies if I hadn't raised this with you before, fairly certain I must've done, but, if not, feel free to call me a plonker under your breath. It shouldn't take too long as once you've got the first label added you can just click on it from your labels list when you edit a post and Bob's-married-or-in-a-civil-partnership-with-one-of-your-siblings as the old saying almost goes.

    If you don't get chance I'll just make sure i put on your write up sheet that your research and planning posts are all labelled 'Appleby Coursework' if that turns out to be the case. let me know either way.